Glucose Control + Wallet Control: 5 Life Hacks for Saving on Your Diabetes Drugs

100 million. No, that’s not soccer fans or how many people take part in fantasy football. Although most of those people are in the number. One more than 999,999 people suffer from diabetes or prediabetes.

This life-altering illness is the gateway to many other health risks. What’s worse is the cost associated with managing it. The cost for diabetes prescriptions is unsatisfactory.

Diabetes medications have a reputation for being too expensive, even for the affluent. Granted, there are many reasons people suffer from this disease. Poor health choices are at the top of the list.

You shouldn’t have to spend your life’s savings to save your life. 

There are ways to manage the costs of diabetes supplies. Try these great life hacks to save on your diabetes drugs.

Free Samples

The same way you sample unique eats in the grocery store, you can request samples of diabetes meds. Your primary care physician or pharmacist is usually the first stop for drug samples. 

But you may also take advantage elsewhere. Go straight to the drug manufacturer itself. Along with medical supply chains, drug manufacturers give out free diabetic supplies on the regular. 

Try attending an expo as well. The American Diabetes Association sponsors expositions. They’re free and attendees have access to health screenings, cooking demos, and exbibit resources. Those resources are free drug samples with information. 

Opt for Generic

Generic doesn’t mean ineffective. It means cost-effective. So don’t shy away from it the next the pharmacy offers it.

People opt for name brand drugs because they believe they’re more potent or authentic. They may look different than generic drugs but they work the same way. Both have the same active ingredients and pass through the same FDA quality standards. 

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The only difference is aesthetics and costs. Manufacturers of generic drugs vie to save consumers money. And in the past ten years, $1.67 trillion has gone back into the pockets of consumers. 

On your next trip to the pharmacy, go generic. 

Coupons and Sale Papers

Large chain grocery stores have pharmacies that place ads in their local sale flyers. Before you fill a prescription or check out, look over the store sale paper for pharmacy discounts.

Also, the Sunday newspaper has sale flyers that have a variety of coupons. A large number of those coupons are for different name brand prescription drugs. Take Trulicity for example. Trulicity cost is a bit out of range for many type 2 diabetes suffers. 

A coupon in the sale paper could help lower the price.

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Go to different stores and compare prices. Check the cost of name brand versus generic in each store. Ask about upcoming discounts and get a rain check. 

Save on Your Meds

Surviving diabetes is an everyday chore. Outside of meds, proper diet and wellness practices make the disease manageable. 

But what the body can’t do, diabetes drugs do the rest. Before you break the bank, do your homework. Research ways to save money on your meds and go after the best prices. 

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