Passive Income Machine: 7 Secrets to Making Money in Your Sleep!

Many people wonder about the secrets to making money.

Generating passive income from anywhere in the world seems like a dream.

With hard work and planning early on you too can make money without having to constantly work.

Here are seven money making secrets that will let you generate income passively.

1. Write a Book

One of the best ways to generate passive income is to create an ebook. This can be fiction, nonfiction, self-help, or many other categories.

In the past, it was difficult to get published. Now all you need to do is properly format your book to publish it on sites like Amazon. Once you’ve put in the initial effort of writing it you’ll continue to see income.

2. Create a Course

Do you have an interesting or unusual skill? There’s a good chance a lot of people might like to learn it. If you create an online course that’s unique or very high-quality you can significant money from it.

There are lots of websites popping up that allow you to quickly and easily write a course using their provided templates. They take a small commission for this service.

3. Money Making Secrets: Dropshipping 

Selling products is one of the oldest ways in the world to generate money. With e-commerce new techniques like dropshipping make it easier than ever.

There are lots of companies that manufacture products and will handle packaging and shipping for you. That way you can run your business from anywhere with internet access.

4. Buy Rental Properties

If you have the capital for down payments rental properties can be an excellent way to generate passive income. Traditionally you would need to find properties and do the research yourself but there are now several alternatives.

Roofstock is a company that finds the properties and gathers all necessary information into one spot. There are now several Roofstock alternatives as well.

5. Run a Blog

If you’re able to produce consistently high-quality content in a good niche you can make significant income from it. This is especially true if you have a lot of traffic.

Product reviews with affiliate marketing are one of the best ways. You review products honestly. This allows you to benefit from generating high-quality content that readers trust. For every sale made using your link, you receive a small commission.

6. Peer-to-Peer Lending

Lending money is a great way to see returns but until recently was limited to banks. New companies allow everyday people to make small loans to each other in exchange for interest.

Because these loans are usually under $1,000 they usually get paid back. 

7. Index Funds and Dividend Stocks

One of the best ways to generate income over the long term is to invest in the stock market. Index funds let you benefit from large basket stock growths.

You can also invest in high-yield dividend stocks. These are stocks in companies that don’t have high growth potential but are still successful. Many dividend stocks are for utility providers. They pay out higher dividend’s than most stocks to make up for their lack of growth.

Be Ready To Frontload Your Effort

The biggest money making secrets come down to properly using your existing capital or putting the work in early. By working very hard at the start of a venture you can set yourself up to generate income without additional toil.

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