Weird and Wacky: Bizarre Weather Events from Across the Globe

31 days.

That’s the recorded length of the longest hurricane ever. Hurricane John in 1994 was a 31-day storm that moved across the Northwest Pacific. Next time you want to complain about a little bit of rain, think of John.

A super long storm is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bizarre weather events. Grab an umbrella and discover a few others.

Some of the Most Bizarre Weather Events That Will Shock You Like Lightning

Are any bizarre weather events out there giving you a cold? Here’s how to beat it. But hopefully, nothing you’ve experienced will live up to these stories.

Black Sunday

On April 14th, 1935, Midwestern America went black. The Dust Bowl is called the Dust Bowl for a reason, and in Oklahoma and Texas, winds 60 m.p.h. strong whipped the area.

The resulting clouds of dust were walls of blackness so thick and so massive that people couldn’t see their hands in front of their faces. The sun was hidden for several hours, and the storm was hundreds of miles wide and stretched in the air thousands of feet.

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Satan’s Storm

In the sleepy town of Kopperl, Texas, in 1960, it was a nice morning of about 70 degrees.

After a little bit of heat lightning, the temperature decided it was going to skyrocket. And skyrocket it did: to 140 degrees.

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People claimed their thermometers blew up, and their corn was cooked and withered right on the stalk. It stayed 140 degrees for three hours. Some people woke up to their houses on fire from the extreme change in heat.

Darkness Descends

In the middle of New England during the Revolutionary War, the sun went red.

Soon, darkness started to descend during midday. There were reports of people holding a white sheet in front of their faces but not being able to see it through the thick blackness. Some people went to church, thinking the end times were coming.

It started to rain a thick, smoggy rain. The darkness lifted, and people still didn’t know what happened. We know today that it was a large wildfire from far away.

Lightning Skies

Lightning strikes twice in Lake Maracaibo. Over 250 flashes of lightning strike down each year.

During the wet season, you can see 28 flashes of lightning a minute across the coastline. Scientists are still unsure of the cause of this phenomenon. But you don’t have to be sure to go see the lightning show.

How to Weather it All

What better to do on a rainy day than learn something? While you’re weathering that storm, you can feed your brain with facts that will keep you going.

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