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9 Incredible Birthday Gifts for Him: 2020 Edition

The big day is here.

That special man in your life is celebrating another birthday – and you want to get him something he’ll really love. Not something he’ll shove in the closet or under his bed never to be seen again.

We’ve all been there.

Your beau slowly unwraps the gift that you’ve decided is perfect for him (after countless hours of online shopping and umpteenth returns) only to have him give a quizzical look and half-hearted smile.

You’ve missed the mark – again.

Don’t let this be you in 2020! Keep reading for the best birthday gifts for him that won’t leave you both feeling defeated and disappointed.

1. Classic Gaming Console

What guy doesn’t love gaming?

Regardless of whether your man is team Xbox or a diehard PS4 fan, there’s something universally iconic about Nintendo.

The classic square design, tiny red buttons, and outdated graphics instantly transport your guy back to the ’80s. And what’s better than feeling like a kid again on your birthday?

Pair a retro-gaming system with classic games like Mario Brothers, Zelda, and Donkey Kong and you may need to pry the controller from his hands.

2. Frames Audio Sunglasses

If your guy’s into music, tech gadgets, and fashion, he’ll swoon over these stylish shades that double as mini-speakers.

Bose’s Frames are the first pair of sunglasses that double as Bluetooth headphones. The wireless speakers are hidden in the temples of the glasses.

The best part is, you’ll experience clear, rich sound without disturbing those around you. This fashion-forward tech gadget is perfect for morning commutes, afternoon workouts, or chilling outdoors with friends.

3. Bamboo Folio Smartpad Notebook

Does your guy lead a busy, hectic life? Is he always on-the-go?

If your man is currently keeping his life organized using his cellphone Memo app, it’s time for an upgrade.

The Bamboo Folio Smartpad Notebook isn’t just stylish and professional, it’s also fun!

Designed to look like a traditional notebook portfolio, this Smartpad also saves your thoughts, lists, and ideas digitally. This is the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys using traditional pen and paper but doesn’t want to miss out on the convenience of having a digital copy.

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Now your man can craft lists, reminders, and notes all in his own handwriting before instantly converting them to text. Which is perfect for guys who never got around to improving their chicken scratch.

4. Anything Yeti

You can’t go wrong with Yeti brand products. From coolers and lunchboxes to travel mugs, Yeti’s basically screams masculinity.

Does your guy enjoy hunting, fishing, barbequing, or tailgating? Yeti coolers guarantee to keep the beers cold and the fun flowing.

A travel mug is one of the best birthday gifts for him to guarantee his coffee stays hot during his morning commute. They’re also equally useful for keeping cold drinks chilled.

Pair one of these products with a lunchbox, new sports equipment, or game tickets and you’ll be on the road to receiving the girlfriend of the year award.

5. Electric Bike

Speaking of commuting, does your man prefer to bike or walk to work (or anywhere he goes)? Do you live in a city where it’s easier to stay off the road?

If so, surprise your guy with an electric folding bike. The city is synonymous with two things – congestion and minimal space.

This folding bike is not only easy to store but easy and fun to ride. The electric motor makes for a less strenuous ride, which is perfect for commuting to work or meetings.

6. Sleep Tracking Pad

Is your guy constantly complaining he’s tired or not sleeping well? Get to the root of the problem by gifting him a sleep tracking pad.

This comfortable pad lays beneath your man’s mattress, tracking his movement and breathing. The pad then records data to determine the cause of his sleepless nights.

Not only that, but this sleep tracking pad also controls the room’s thermostat, lights, and can connect to Alexa.

Pair this smart sleep technology with a Casper nap pillow and your guy will wake feeling like a new man!

7. Temperature Control Smart Mug

There’s nothing quite like a hot cup of Joe. Is your man a coffee-aficionado? Does he also forget where he sets his coffee mug down?

If so, he likely discovers it once the brew’s gone cold and he’s forced to make another. Not anymore!

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This temperature control smart mug guarantees a hot cup of coffee every time. Designed with a rechargeable battery (discretely concealed in the coaster), this tech-savvy mug will keep coffee warm for 90-minutes at a time.

As if that’s not enough, your man can even download an app to set custom presets, control temperature, and receive notifications.

8. Crono N5 Swiss Pocket Knife

Does the guy in your life prefer a less techy gift? The Crono N5 Swiss pocket knife takes a traditional gift and turns it on its head!

Fitted with a can opener, screwdriver, fish scaler, and even a fork, this pocket knife offers a tool for every job. Not only can he use it to catch and filet his lunch, but eat it too (we suggest sanitizing it in between).

Then, when he’s finished, he can use it to perform repairs around the house or at work. Compact and powerful, this is one of the most practical gifts on the list.

9. Celeb-Inspired Booze

Alcohol makes a great gift. And if your man is a Netflix fan, he’ll love these series-inspired booze.

Espadin Mezcal

Breaking Bad was one of Netflix’s highest-rated series. Did your man binge-watch this neo-Western crime drama? Does he also like quality Tequila?

If so, he’ll love this Espadin Mezcal recently released by costars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

White Walker Whisky

Game of Thrones fans rejoice!

Johnnie Walker released a special-edition scotch that your man will love. A light, fruity whisky, this Game of Thrones-inspired drink should be enjoyed directly from the freezer.

You’ll need to act fast, though. This product is limited-edition.

Invest in Some of the Best Birthday Gifts for Him

Any of these gifts are sure to make your man smile on his special day. Gift-giving can be tough, but not with this guide to the best birthday gifts for him.

From tech gadgets to traditional gifts with a spin, you can find the perfect gift to fit your man’s personality.

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