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5 Situations Where You Need Income Verification

Are you curious about what income verification is?

Perhaps you were talking to a representative that asked about your income verification.

Income verification is a necessity for many entities that requires proof of your income. These entities can be from government agencies that provide aid, lenders, or landlords.

Income verification can be in the form of pay stubs, proof of employment letter, or proof of income letter from your employer.

So, what are the times when you need income verification, and how can you provide it most conveniently? Learn some common situations now.

1. Applying for a Loan

When applying for a loan, whether it be personal, secured, or non-secured, always will require income verification. The lender will need to see how much you’re making so they can make sure you can afford to pay the loan before the loan is approved.

Providing income verification for a loan is usually done by submitting the last two pay stubs from your paychecks. Check out www.paystubs.net

2. Finding an Apartment

Landlords will most likely be asking for your proof of income. Just like a loan, they want to make sure that you can pay monthly. A pay stub alone may not suffice for income verification. Depending on the landlord and if it’s a short term or long term commitment, you may need to provide bank statements of income or last year’s tax return (1040) to verify.

3. Government Aid

Government aid such as government-provided health insurance or Snap benefits will require you to provide proof of income. These assistance programs need to verify your income to determine how much assistance they need to provide.

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They will commonly ask for pay stubs, last year’s tax return, or proof of income letter from your job.

4. Home Loan

Home loans require a lot of documents to proceed, and of course, the lender needs a way to verify your income. Mortgage loans are a big commitment over a long period of time, so the lender needs to know that you have a stable income and a means to pay the loan.

Mortgages require more than just a pay stub but official documentation from your employer.

This documentation to verify your income will include an official proof of employment letter as well as an internal request from the IRS using Form 4506-T. This will allow the bank to obtain a “transcript of tax return” directly from the IRS.

5. Auto Financing

Dealerships that provide in-house financing will most likely need to verify your income. The dealership will need to evaluate your earnings to know you can keep up with payments. Typically auto financing companies will ask for two months’ worth of income to verify your earnings.

This will usually be from pay stubs, or bank statements indicate how much you are depositing into their accounts.

What Is the Fastest Way to Show Income Verification?

This depends on a couple of different factors. If an entity is looking for a simple means of income verification, providing pay stubs will be the fastest way because you may have them on hand from your paychecks, and they are easily accessible online through your employer.

If you are applying for a mortgage or a personal loan, the fastest way to provide proof of income is by filing out Form 4506-T on the IRS website and submitting that to the institution. This express service by the IRS will usually be returned in 2-3 business and provide them with vital info from your W-2, 1099, and 1040 return.

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