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What to Bring on a Vacation: The Complete Packing Guide

Every once and a while, it’s necessary to break away from our daily routines and experience new things. It’s important to give ourselves a change of scenery, new activities, and new experiences. A vacation can be incredibly refreshing and help us reenergize.

However, any trip can go awry if you forget important items at home. Sure, you can buy new things at your destination, but that can significantly cut into your funds, especially if you’re already traveling on a budget.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you decide what to bring on a vacation. Keep reading for our top tips on how to pack everything you need for any trip away from home.

1. Research the Destination

First, to learn how to pack for a vacation, you need to do a little homework about your destination. This is especially important if you’re traveling abroad or to a place you’ve never been to before.

You need to pack the right clothes for travel. For example, if you’re traveling to Rome in the summer, you may be tempted to only pack shorts, tank tops, and sandals, as the area is incredibly warm in the summer. However, in this clothing, you will not be allowed into any of the exquisite churches which are major tourist attractions.

Similarly, you need to learn about the climate of your destination. Does it rain a lot? Should you bring an umbrella? 

2. Plan Your Activities

Planning your activities beforehand is one of the best ways to decide what to bring on vacation. Many tourist destinations offer a myriad of activities that require different gear, clothing, etc. Some gear, such as scuba and snorkeling equipment can be rented. 

However, if you plan on hiking up a mountain or volcano, you’re going to want to pack your hiking shoes and the appropriation clothing. If you’re driving somewhere for a camping trip, you’ll want to create a camping checklist of everything you’ll need, such as food, a tent, tools, and other supplies.

Think about everything you’ll want to do on the trip, from walking around historic districts to hiking up mountains.

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3. Find Out About Hotel Amenities

For some travelers, the length of their trip and the amenities of their lodging can dictate what to bring on a vacation. For example, if your hotel or the place you’re renting has a pool, you’ll definitely want to pack your swimsuit. If the pool is outside, you may also need sunscreen. 

Additionally, if the lodging you’ve secured for you and your family has a washer and dryer available, you may not need to pack as heavily for the trip. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to pack more to ensure you have clean clothes for each day you’re away.


Lastly, if you like to exercise, you’ll want to bring athletic clothing so you can get in your morning runs. The hotel you’re staying at may also have a fitness area available for guests.

4. Research Airline Policies

Packing for a trip also comes down to your method of transportation. If you’re traveling by plane, you need to adhere to their airline’s policies and guidelines. For example, you’ll be limited to the size of liquids you can pack, such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and more. 

You also need to find out how many bags each person can check. Some smaller flights don’t allow passengers to check any bags without charge. If you’re bringing bigger items, such as ski’s, snowboards, or animals, you need to learn everything you can about how the airline handles that type of luggage.

5. Pack Plenty of Snacks and Drinks

No matter how you travel, you need to make sure you think about your basic needs of thirst and hunger while in-route to your destination. If you’re flying, most airlines are pretty good about providing snacks and drinks, even on shorter flights.

However, if you have special food requirements, you may need to pack your own food. Additionally, on longer flights, it doesn’t hurt to have some back-up food in case you get hungry between food services.

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If you’re driving, you can stop at gas stations or restaurants to get food, but your options won’t be very healthy. These products will also be more expensive than if you got them at a local grocery store. Your best option may be to make some sandwiches and pack them in a cooler, especially if you have a family to feed.

6. Don’t Forget Your Personal and Hygiene Items

When checking off your list of what to bring on a vacation, remember your personal hygiene items. Most people have specific brands of shampoo, soap, and conditioner that works best for their skin and hair. There are also specialty items like face wash, makeup, grooming kits, etc.

While replaceable, it can be a pain to track these things down once you get to your destination.

7. Bring Your Electronics and Their Chargers

When you pack for a trip, it’s easy to forget the small essentials. For example, while you’re unlikely to forget your phone or laptop, it’s easy to leave their chargers behind. Any time you pack an electronic device, such as a laptop, tablet, phone, or electric razor, make sure you pack the charge right along with it.

If you’re traveling overseas, make sure you research what type of plug-in converter you’ll need. These can be purchased at any electronic store, including Wal-marts. If you forget, you’ll most likely be able to find what you’re looking for at your destination, though it’s better to be prepared. 

Looking for More Tips on What to Bring on a Vacation?

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Good luck with your travels and remember to stay safe!