Long Haul Plane Travel

12 Expert Tips on How to Travel in Comfort on Long Haul Journeys

Did you know in 2018, about 1 billion people boarded a foreign or national flight?

Going on a long journey is exciting but also taxing on your body, which is why you need to take steps to ease the trip.

Are you getting ready for a long haul flight and want to know how to travel in comfort, you came to the right place. 

Read on to learn these tips to travel in comfort.

1. Dress for Success

Before a long haul journey, it’s important you dress for success. Because the temperature in the airplane can get a little cool, dressing in layers is your best option. 

If you’re one of those people who is sensitive to temperatures, wearing layers might help you avoid getting too hot or too cold.

You should also wear breathable and comfortable clothing, such as cotton t-shirts, yoga pants, sweat pants, sweatshirts, etc. Avoid tight-fitting clothes like jeans, scratchy fabrics, and such. 

2. Wear Comfortable Footwear

If you’re going on a long journey, it’s important you wear the right type of footwear. Not only will you be walking long distances in airport terminals, but you will also have to wear your shoes for long periods of time.

Wearing the right type of shoe is also important to get through security faster. Avoid wearing heels or boots before your journey. 

Because your feet will swell on the flight, you might want to take your shoes off and replace them with slippers. Make sure you also bring a second pair of socks to change and keep your feet fresh and dry.

3. Invest in Earplugs and a Sleep Mask

Airplanes are not the quietest of places, and if you’re going on a long flight, you need to take care of your ears. Invest in a good pair of earplugs to cancel out all unwanted noises, so you can take a nap.

To get the best sleep possible on a flight, you should also invest in a great sleep mask to block all of the light. 

4. Bring Snacks

Although you will get a few snacks during a long flight, it’s a good idea you bring extra snacks. Long flights can take a toll on your body, so it’s important you provide it with nutrients.

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Try to bring healthy snacks such as trail mix, baby carrots, fruit, etc. However, you should avoid bringing greasy or sugary snacks as they will dehydrate you and make you bloated. 

5. Choose the Right Seat Ahead of Time

Before you prepare for your long flight, you should pick the right seat for you. If you’re tall, you might choose to pay extra for a seat with extra legroom to make the journey more comfortable. 

Those who tend to drink a lot of fluids while on a long flight might choose an aisle seat for easier access to the lavatory. If you’re an avid napper, you should choose a window seat. 

No matter what your seat preferences are, you should choose a plane on the front of the plane. Also, if you’re flying economy, it’s a good idea to invest in a travel seat cushion for extra comfort.

6. Stay Hydrated

If you’ve ever felt your throat a little scratchy while on a flight, that’s because airplanes have really low humidity levels.

The lack of humidity tends to dehydrate your body and leave you with dry eyes and skin. During a long haul flight, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated.

Avoid drinking caffeine, alcohol, and soda, and stick to only drinking water. Don’t wait until the drink cart comes by and ask a flight attendant for more water if you start to get a little dehydrated. 

7. Check-In Early

Arriving late at the airport and missing a flight is the worst nightmare of travelers. To avoid adding extra stress before your long flight, you should check in as soon as possible. 

If your airline gives you the option to check-in online, you should take advantage rather than doing it at the airport and waiting in line. 

8. Ensure Your Pockets Are Empty

Before a long flight, the last thing you want is to have things in your pocket poking you and making you uncomfortable. 

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To prevent your personal belongings from getting lost, you should bring a small bag with a zipper to store them. 

9. Pillow and Blanket

During a long flight, you want to be as comfortable as possible, so make sure you take advantage of pillows and blankets. 

Many airlines offer a pillow and a blanket for their long flights. However, if you want to be extra comfortable, you can bring your own.

10. Don’t Forget Your Headphones

Unless you want to use the airline’s headphones, don’t forget to pack your own pair of headphones. The free headphones are not the best quality and will do nothing to cancel out noises. 

Investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones is a great idea before a long flight. 

11. Bring a Small Personal Item

Many people like to bring the largest personal item allowed, so they can maximize the things they bring. However, if you bring a large personal item that you can store under your seat, you will have less room to stretch your legs. 

Not having enough room to stretch your legs can be quite frustrating during a long flight. Choose to bring a small, versatile personal item that you can move to the side.

12. Take Care of Your Skin

As we mentioned before, the airplane cabin’s dry air can make your skin itchy and dry. 

Avoid wearing makeup before a long flight, unless you want your pores to get clogged, which can lead to breakouts and flaky skin. Not only should you avoid makeup, but you should apply extra moisturizer. 

Also, you cannot forget about applying lip balm and moisturizing your lips.

Are You Ready to Travel in Comfort?

Now that you know about these tips to travel in comfort, you can tackle your next long haul flight.

Remember to take care of your skin, hydrate, select the right seat for you, wear comfortable clothing and shoes, and bring a small personal item. 

If you enjoyed these travel tips and would like to learn more, check out the rest of our blog.