5 Crucial Elements That’ll Net You the Best Mobile-friendly Surveillance System

The home security industry is slated to grow by almost 20% between 2018 and 2022. That meteoric growth comes on the back of anxiety and unrest that’s rising across the nation and the world.

If you’re considering investing in the best mobile surveillance system you can get your hands on, we’re here to tell you that you’re about to have your hands full! There are millions of options out there when it comes to cameras, software, and other integral parts of a solid security network.

Below, our team helps you cut through the noise by cluing you in on key items you’ll need to get your surveillance project off the ground!

1. A Quality Camera

At the core of every best mobile surveillance system is a quality surveillance camera. Picking out the perfect camera is going to be the trickiest, most expensive, and important part of your surveillance process so handle this step with care.

When camera shopping, we recommend picking up surveillance with optical zoom if you can afford it. If not, digital zoom (which is available on just about every surveillance system) is a viable alternative.

Cameras can be bought online or in popular brick-and-mortar tech shops like Best Buy or Fry’s.

2. Powerful Phone Hardware

To enable the “mobile” part of your mobile surveillance system, you’ll need a phone that can access your video feeds on the go. That can be a challenge if you’re sporting a flip phone.

Most of you have a smartphone already so you’ll be able to check this step off of your list quickly. For those of you that are behind the curve, picking up an Android or Apple phone that was released in the last 5 years or so should get you on track.

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3. An Excellent Mobile Application

When you buy your mobile surveillance camera, it should have a free, proprietary app it uses that enables you to access your feeds. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to search your phone’s app store for a surveillance application that supports your camera’s make and model.

Third-party surveillance applications can be costly but we’ve found that the more expensive applications tend to provide features that justify their cost.

Just read reviews carefully before buying and understand your app store’s return policy in case you run into compatibility issues.

4. Trappings That Promote Discretion

Most people don’t want an obvious security camera hanging off of their roof. If you’d like to make your camera look less immoderate, consider investing in a shell, bay, or box that can blend your camera into the side of your home/business.

Creative use of foliage can also help you obscure portions of your camera.

5. A Notice to Trespassers

Finally, with your mobile surveillance set up, you can choose to deter bad actors by letting them know they’re being watched. Most home/business owners choose to do this with yard/door signs. How you choose to go about posting your deterrent is up to you!

The Best Mobile Surveillance Provides the Greatest Peace of Mind

Whether you’re at home or on the road, being armed with the best mobile surveillance system you can afford can bring you tremendous peace of mind.

The best part about mobile surveillance is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of value. Simply invest in a DIY setup by putting together the pieces we’ve described and enjoy your sense of safety.

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