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3 Tips for Event Planning That Will Make Your Event Unforgettable

Event planners make about $16 per hour on average. This may seem like a lot, but planning an event can be overwhelming and difficult. It’s even harder if you’re not an event planner.

In addition to figuring out all the details of the event, there’s also the pressure that comes with trying to host a great event. Unfortunately, this seems to be a common question.

The good news is that we’re here to help. While the shape your event takes is always going to be up to you, there are a few tips for event planning that we can offer. We’ll talk about some of those tips in this article.

1. Keep a Budget

A budget is a crucial part of every event. Many of us have a natural inclination to go overboard and spend too much on decorations and other extras we don’t need. Budgets give us a tangible limit so we can spend a decent amount on our event without going overboard.

One of the biggest problems people have with following a budget is limiting the number of people they invite. More guests mean more food, more goody bags if you’re giving them out, and perhaps a bigger space to host the event. It may not seem like much while you’re making invitations, but these costs can add up quickly.

In weddings, for instance, about a third of the money spent on the wedding often goes to catering services.

2. Be Creative But Stay Grounded

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of a spectacular, over-the-top event, but that’s probably not going to be possible when it comes time to actually shop for it. This doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge a bit and get one or two of the more expensive things you wanted, but you need to make sure to adjust for it in the budget.

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Being creative isn’t just about springing for one or two expensive details rather than playing it safe with only low-cost items. It also means letting your artistic skills show, or allowing others to show theirs.

If you happen to know any artists, craftsmen, or designers, you may want to enlist their help. You can also hire an artist if it’s in your budget. Either way, make sure you can afford to pay them.

3. Technology Can Help

From budgets to guest lists, and even a timeline, there are a lot of things involved in planning an event. One of the best tips for event planning that we can offer is to utilize the digital tools available to you.

Spreadsheets, calculators, and other useful instruments can be found right on your computer. You can also type up lists, shop online and do so much more, all without leaving your home.

Tips for Event Planning

Whether it’s a company outing or a birthday party, event planning can be difficult. That’s why we’ve provided a few tips for event planning in this article. There are plenty of other tricks that might help, though, so it may be best to do a little more research.

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