7 Streaming Tips for Every Kind of Streamer

Nearly 5 billion people have some form of internet access today. That’s over 50% of the population.

Given the sheer volume of online users and their insatiable appetite for content, it stands to reason that there’s plenty of opportunities to find an audience as an “online streamer”.

That is, of course, if you know what you’re doing.

Being an online streamer might mean streaming yourself playing video games on Twitch, performing live concerts on YouTube, or any number of things in-between. No matter what your niche or platform is, there is a handful of streaming tips you can lean on to maximize your digital success.

Are you curious to know what those tips are? If you are, keep reading and prepare to crush your streaming goals!

1. Set a Macro Goal

Before you can crush your goals, you have to have them. When it comes to goal setting, we advise people start at a macro level and work their way down.

At a high-level, what do you want to accomplish as a streamer?

Do you want to be a recognized name in the video game streaming space? Are you trying to replace your income? Is your goal simply to make friends online?

Whatever your goal is, write it down before you take a single step towards going live.

2. Write Down Micro-Goals

“More goal setting!?” Yes and believe us when we say that taking a few minutes to define goals will lay a solid foundation for your live streaming ambitions that will starkly improve your chances of success.

Consequently, we ask that you take a moment to set a couple of micro-goals that fall in line with your macro goal.

For example, if your goal is to be a recognized name in the gaming space, you’ll need subscribers to accomplish that if you’re performing on YouTube. So, set some time-sensitive subscriber goals.

Be realistic when setting goals but also give yourself something to reach for.

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3. Invest in Good Equipment

There are too many quality streams out there for you to get away with not investing in excellent equipment. If your streaming equipment makes you look pixelated or makes you sound muffled, onlookers will immediately “change the channel”.

Fortunately, quality equipment is easy to find online and is relativity cheap. A few key items you’ll want to buy include an HD camera, a dedicated microphone, software to capture your stream (if necessary), and lighting.

The top camera picks, microphones, etc. change daily so run an online search to learn more about YouTube streaming setups or Twitch setups to get specific equipment recommendations.

4. Pick Your Streaming Platform

The world is your oyster when it comes to where you’ll post your stream! Well… Not exactly. You do have choices when it comes to live streaming but you’ll want to pick whichever platform caters to your audience segment when deciding where you’ll stream most often.

Twitch is the best online streaming platform for competitive gaming content. Socially-focused content will live a better life on YouTube.

Study the top streaming platforms, their niche, and think hard about where your content may flourish. If you find that the platform you’re posting to isn’t meeting your needs, consider dual-feeding to a secondary platform or swapping platforms altogether.

5. Know Your Platform Regulations

Just about every streaming tips list glosses over this point and it’s a shame because this is something that could cost you everything.

Before you start streaming, after you’ve selected a platform, read through that platform’s terms of service and community guidelines.

Doing so is going to take time and patience. Take the time. Exercise the patience.

In today’s socially divisive environment, doing the wrong thing on a live stream could result in a permanent ban of your streaming account. That would mean losing all of your followers, your community, and your income.

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By briefing yourself on platform expectations before you go live, you can tailor your content and preserve your brand.

6. Always Run Tests Before Streaming

One of the biggest drawbacks of performing live is that things can go wrong from a technical standpoint and fixing those things mid-stream will look unprofessional at best or will be impossible at worst.

Avoiding most technical issues is as easy as doing a mock stream privately to ensure everything is coming through as intended. Once you have confirmation that your equipment is firing on all cylinders, you can confidently take your show to your audience.

7. Market and Improve

At this point, you’ve got all of the streamer tips you need to broadcast online professionally. As you do, you’ll notice that fans don’t come easily.

Don’t let that discourage you.

Building an audience takes time and requires a lot of marketing efforts and adjustments to your show. Relish that process of spreading the word and improving. If you do, you’ll find that growth will pick up speed and that you’ll enjoy what you’re doing much more.

Our Streaming Tips Are Your Shortcut to Success

While the saying there are no shortcuts to success is something to live by, our streaming tips are a means to reduce your learning curve and find your audience faster. We hope you agree and choose to implement what we’ve shared!

Armed with our tips, confidence, and a passion for your content, the sky is the limit for how far you can take your stream!

If you’d like more live streaming tips, marketing tips, or insight on anything else related to technology, our team welcomes you to check out more of the newest content on our blog!