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What’s Home Health Care: Guide to Understanding Care for a Parent

Watching a parent suffer from a disease or injury is stressful and even sometimes confusing. They always took care of you, and now you are in the position of being responsible for their care. But you can’t do it alone.

When someone needs attention due to a medical issue, but it is not severe enough to require a hospital say, then at home healthcare can step in.

If you have a parent in this situation, read on to discover if home health care could be the right choice. 

What Is Home Health Care?

Home health care is not the same as general home care or personal care. That is where someone comes in to help with meals, bathing, and even companionship. Personal care is a service to aid those who are healthy enough to live alone but need an extra helping hand.

The health care portion comes in when that person has an ongoing medical condition that needs attention from a qualified individual. This could be after a stay in the hospital, a persistent illness, or recent injury. The option to receive medical treatment at home often means not having to go to a nursing home. 

Read on here to find out other benefits of qualified home healthcare solutions.

What Services Are Provided?

When you sign up for home health care you are basically getting a nurse. The individual will perform such nursing functions as checking blood pressure, monitoring glucose levels, and giving medications.

If there is a wound injury, they will clean the area and change the dressing. They can also monitor and change IV bags as well as draw blood for testing. They provide the same level of care as those in a hospital setting, but in the comfort of the patient’s familiar surroundings. 

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Physical therapy is also a service that can be provided at home. It helps get the patient up and moving with the goal to return to a normal functioning routine. The therapist would be a different individual than the nurse, but their duties fall under the definition of home health care.

Why Staying at Home Aids Healing

Everyone loves the comfort of their own home, but your aging parent will especially want to stay there as long as possible. Or maybe you have moved them into your home, but still need the extra help to overcome the current illness or injury.

Being surrounded by their personal things in a familiar setting provides peace of mind and comfort. Both of those aid in the healing process and make it quicker and easier.

It also brings relief to you knowing that they are able to relax and feel safe and still receiving top-level care for their medical needs.

They Deserve the Best

Your parents already tried their best for you, and now it is your time to return the favor. When your aging parent needs medical attention to overcome a health issue or injury, home health care could be the answer you need. 

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