Photoshop Tips and Tricks

5 Must-Have Photoshop Tips and Tricks

In 1988 the photo editing program called Photoshop was born. And since then, Photoshop has over 10 million daily users, with new users joining every day. Nowadays, professionals and amateurs alike use Photoshop to optimize pictures in order to make them look better.

Photoshop is not an easy program to handle, as it has hundreds of buttons and options to choose from. That is why today, we will take a look at some Photoshop tips and tricks that will improve your photo editing skills. 

1. Change The Color of Selected Areas

The Color Range control can be an invaluable tool for editing specific colors of an image. However, if you use the Color Range on a picture with lots of colors, it may not give you the effects you want. Sometimes a lot is going on in a single photo, and you need to concentrate on just one area.

So for this photo editing tip, you’ll need to make a selection around the object you want to edit. Then go to select, then Color Range, and you will see that the Color Range is now centering only on the chosen area. With a selection active, you can create a hue and saturation adjustment layer that will just target the selected colored area.

With this photo editing tip, you’ll know how to add white background in Photoshop as well!

2. Have a Duplicate Picture

One of the most useful Photoshop tips is having the same image open in a different window. The best bit is that you don’t need a second monitor to do it! To open the same picture in two windows:

  • Go to Window
  • Then Arrange
  • New Window for (Name of the image)
  • Two up Vertical (to put the two tabs side-by-side)
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And you have yourself two windows of the same picture.

3. Spot Healing – Light and Dark

One of the biggest reasons people use this photo editing program is to remove wrinkles, spots, and other skin distractions. First, determine if the imperfection is lighter or darker than the skin. Then choose the Spot Healing tool to eliminate them, and don’t worry, as the tool will only target the dark/light pixels.

4. Lab Color Mode

One of the most amazing perks of using the Lab color mode is that Lab divides detail from color. This division allows you to work with color without changing detail. To use this photo editing tip, go to Image, then Mode, and finally Lab Color.

5. Luminosity Selection

You can select an image’s luminosity (the bright pixels), which will allow you to darken them. One of the most beneficial photo editing tips, as sometimes by changing the luminosity it changes the entire image. You can perform this by pressing CTRL + ALT + 2 (Command + Option +2). 

Get Amazing Results With These Photoshop Tips and Tricks

By following these photoshop tips and tricks, you will have amazing pictures to wow all your friends. It just takes a little work to master, but once you do, your photo editing skills will be on par with the pros!

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