Popup Hotel

3 Reasons You Should Stay in a Popup Hotel on Your Next Vacation

Have you ever been on vacation and loving every bit of your life… until you got back to your accommodations?

There’s a reason for the letdown. Consider the feelings we expect from vacations: awe at nature, concert highs, and deep thoughts from our experiences. Even the nicest hotels and resorts feel a bit blah compared to the reasons we go on vacation.

Staying in a popup hotel isn’t anything like that. Take a look at these brilliant reasons to check one out on your next trip.

1. Add Interest to a Bland or Routine Trip

Most people hope to have a good time when they travel, even if their trip isn’t the most exciting. Why shouldn’t you be able to relax a little on your business trip or visit with the in-laws? There’s a reason people use their days off work and hard-earned savings to go out of town!

Based on that, you’d think that people who travel all the time would be the happiest ones. The truth is that they’re often the people who hate traveling most because they’re tired of the routine. They don’t want to see the inside of another boring chain hotel or even a quaint B&B.

One way to shake things up is by staying at a popup hotel. Popup hotels make an event of where you stay without the usual fuss and corniness of other destination hotels. Frequent travelers often stick with “the usual” out of convenience, but picking popup hotels is easy with tools such as this hotel popup map

2. Popup Hotel Bragging Rights for Life

One of the biggest reasons to stay at a popup hotel is to gain bragging rights and something you can talk about for the rest of your life. A bubble cottages popup hotel at a festival gives you an extra-special memory to share with others.

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Some other common popup hotels include aquarium popup hotels and one-time stays in celebrity homes. Who doesn’t want to brag about how they slept among sharks or a movie star’s house?

3. You’re Not Stealing Living Space

This reason to choose a destination hotel over another travel is unlike the others because it’s not for your benefit.

Airbnbs are convenient and cheap, but one sad trend that came along with them is landlords turning their apartments into Airbnb listings. They know they can earn more per month by running a busy pseudo-hotel than by renting apartments.

The practice leaves people searching for new places to live, often with tight budgets. When locals aren’t kicked out of their homes, they have to leave because of rising prices.

When you stay in a popup hotel, you know you’re not stealing the roof over someone’s head.

Enlighten Yourself and Enrich Your Life

These reasons to stay in a popup hotel are the perfect excuse to ditch the bland hotel or ordinary Airbnb. Can you imagine if all of your leisure activities were this interesting?

With the information on this site, you don’t need to imagine. Click on another blog post to start reaping the benefits of countless other life hacks and must-know leisure tips.