Cruise on a Budget

Calling All Frugal Cruisers! Top Tips on How to Cruise on a Budget

Did you know that over 25 million people go on a cruise every year? Cruises are a fantastic way to visit a new destination, relax, and have some fun. Unfortunately, cruising can be one of the most expensive ways to travel.

What do you do if you want to go on a cruise ship but are on a tight budget? Even though cruises can be expensive, there are several different ways to save money. Keep reading for the top tips to help you cruise on a budget!

Avoid Fancy Restaurants 

Most cruise ships, including the Virtuosa cruise ship, include food in the price of the cruise ticket. This means that if you choose to eat at the ship’s included restaurants, you won’t have to spend money on food. 

With that being said, most cruise lines also offer luxury dining. These fancy restaurants are not included in the price of your ticket so you will have to pay for them separately.

To avoid spending extra money, skip the fancy restaurants and eat the food included in your ticket.

Enjoy Free Activities

Another way to save money on a cruise is to enjoy the free activities! Most cruise lines offer free activities such as swimming pools, trivia, movies, basketball, and ping pong. These activities are great ways to stay entertained and have fun.

While cruises offer free things to do, there are also activities that you will need to pay for. Some of these activities include visiting the casino, fitness classes, and spending time at the spa. 

To enjoy ocean cruising on a budget, skip the paid activities and have fun with the free ones instead. 

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Avoid Expensive Drinks

Just like with food onboard, standard drinks will be included in your ticket price. These drinks typically include water, coffee, tea, milk, and juice. 

For something a little fancier, such as alcohol or a latte, you will have to pay. If you can resist buying these expensive drinks, you can save a ton of money on your cruise. 

If you know that you will want to pay for drinks, consider upgrading your cruise ticket to include a drink plan before you go. Drink plans are a good way to save money on drinks. 

Save on Shore Excursions 

Shore excursions are activities planned by the cruise line for you to do while in port. Common examples of shore excursions include boat rides, ziplining, or excluded beaches. 

While shore excursions can be a ton of fun, they are overpriced. Shore excursions are one of the main ways that cruise lines turn a profit. 

To save money on your cruise, don’t feel like you have to book a shore excursion at every cruise port. You will find that some ports are perfect for exploring on your own.

If you really want to experience ziplining, schedule a shore excursion at one port but just spend time exploring the other ports.  

Are You Ready to Cruise on a Budget?

Cruising is one of the best ways to visit a new place and have fun. Even though cruise lines can be expensive, there are ways to save money, and you can cruise on a budget. 

Did you enjoy reading this article about saving money on a cruise ship? If so, check out our other posts in the travel section for more related tips!

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