Cheating Wife

Is Your Wife Cheating On You? 5 Signs She’s Having an Affair

Every relationship encounters difficulty from time to time. However, some issues can prove insurmountable, even for the strongest of pairs. Infidelity is, sadly, a common consequence of a faltering relationship or a selfish partner. However, it’s difficult to track, as fewer than six percent of people surveyed through an anonymous survey are willing to admit to it.

If you suspect that your wife is having an affair, we have five signs that may indicate that your suspicions hold weight.

1. She’s Acting Emotionally Distant With You

One of the first warning signs that your wife might be having an affair is that she’s emotionally distant from you. Many women claim to feel driven to cheat due to an existing sense of emotional neglect. So, she’ll only grow more distant with you as she takes her affections to greener pastures.

2. You Find Physical Evidence of the Cheating

While there are many steps to catch her cheating, sometimes, you only need to wait for her to slip up. Hickeys that you definitely didn’t leave appearing on her neck, the scent of a strange cologne on her clothes, or stray hairs that don’t belong to you can be clear red flags of cheating.

3. Sudden, Drastic Changes in Appearance and Personality

Has your wife suddenly made a massive adjustment in her appearance? Taken a great interest in a hobby she previously sneered at? If so, these may be signs your wife is cheating.

It’s only natural to make adjustments to place yourself in line with a new partner. Doubtless, you both did the same for each other when you first got together. So, if she’s making massive adjustments again, it could be a warning sign.

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4. Extreme Protectiveness Over Personal Devices

Look, no one should be entitled to every piece of information on their partner’s phone. However, if she takes a sudden and extreme protective stance regarding her phone, it could be a sign of a cheating wife. It wouldn’t do to have texts from her new paramour uncovered before she’s ready to have that conversation with you, after all.

5. Sudden Insistence on Distance from the Home

If your wife suddenly insists on spending all of her time out of the house, or her work starts demanding that she work long shifts out of nowhere, you’d be forgiven for wondering, “Is my wife cheating?”

Extended absences from the home indicate that she, at the very least, wishes to distance herself from you. While she may not be cheating right this moment, rest assured that she will before long if you don’t talk with her.

What to Do After Discovering She’s Having an Affair

If you’ve discovered that your wife is having an affair, you’re not without options. While divorce is certainly the most obvious choice, couples can and have managed to recover from infidelity with extensive counseling. If you want some tips to help recover your relationship or prevent cheating from happening, check out our blog each day for helpful and informative relationship articles like this.