Video Game Live Streaming

Video Game Live Streaming: Guide For Beginners

Did you know that around 8 billion people globally play video games? That’s about 40% of the world’s population!

Not only do we enjoy playing video games, but we also love watching others in action. For this reason, you might be considering getting into game live streaming.

If you’re interested in starting up with video game live streaming, then read on. We’ll give you a brief guide!

Have a Device With Decent Specs

Before you embark on video game streaming, you have to first make sure you have a good computer or console. Otherwise, your viewers are going to be disappointed when you boot up and your stream either lags or drops out completely.

If you have a PC, then it might be worth looking into upgrading some key parts, such as your GPU. If you have a laptop, you’ll want to add RAM if you can.

You also might need to get a VPN to get better internet speeds and to protect yourself from online attacks. If you don’t know how to use one, here’s a VPN tutorial.

Get a Good Webcam

Not only do viewers want to see your gameplay, but they also want to see your reactions. Many will also want to interact with you too!

Because of this, you need to have a decent webcam. We’d recommend spending a little extra so you ensure you get not only a high-quality webcam, but a decent microphone with it as well.

Figure Out Your Setup

If you turned on your webcam and started live video game streaming right now, we’re willing to bet it’s not an ideal setup. There’s probably clutter all around, not enough lighting, etc.

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So take some time to figure out your setup. If needed, buy some cloth to hang up in the back to block out clutter and to have a visually appealing background. Get some lighting if needed so you’re not just a dark shadow playing a video game when you’re streaming.

Market Yourself

Once you’ve nailed everything else, you need to market yourself. After all, how will people know you’re live streaming video games if you don’t tell them?

Make sure you have a set streaming schedule so people know exactly when to tune in. Post a little about yourself on social media so people are curious about you.

And when they tune in, make sure to acknowledge these viewers, especially if they give you a follow. They’ll feel appreciated and will be sure to recommend your channel to their friends so you get even more followers!

Start Video Game Live Streaming Today

If you wanted to get into video game live streaming but didn’t know where to start, we hope this article has given you good direction. All you need is decent equipment, a good presence, and you’re already off to a promising live streaming career!

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