Livestream Equipment

Take Your Message to the Masses With the Right Livestream Equipment

Are you looking to create livestream content?

If you do, you want to make sure you get the right livestream equipment to create your content. This equipment will help you record your content in high quality and stream it with ease.

So how do you choose the ideal livestream equipment and start streaming content professionally?

Here’s what you need to know.

The Fundamental Livestream Equipment

When choosing livestreaming equipment your fundamental equipment consists of a microphone and a camera.

When you decide to buy livestream gear, you want to first consider what type of camera will work best for your needs. If you plan on streaming from your home studio, you can make do with a simple webcam.

If you want to take your camera on the go, you can choose a DSLR camera or a point-and-shoot option. 

With your microphone, you can choose a desk microphone for livestreaming within your studio. For livestreaming on the go, you have to find a microphone to connect it to your camera. 

Make sure you test out the cameras and microphones before you settle on one. It’s also best to consult professional streamers to decide which is the best for your content creation goals. 

Secondary Livestream Equipment

Next, you have to choose the right computer for your live stream. You can choose either a Mac or PC but you want to choose one with a high RAM and storage space.

It’s also wise to have backup RAM drives as well as external hard drives. You have to expect that your content will take up lots of storage space. As such, you want to make sure you always have adequate space as you livestream.

Make sure you also have a stable internet connection. You want to invest in a high-speed modem for your devices.

You might also want to consider buying a wired internet connection in case your WiFi fails. You might also want to buy devices that create hotspots for your devices to connect to.

It’s also a great idea to invest in video encoders. These help you reduce your video’s file size and help format it for your video streaming platform.

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Livestream Through Your Smartphone

If you livestream through your smartphone, you’ll need a different set of equipment to work with.

It’s always ideal to have the latest model of your smartphone. At the very least, make sure you have a recent model. Your smartphone should have high storage space as well. 

For professional livestreaming, you might want to consider buying a smartphone solely for the purpose of streaming. 

You’ll use your smartphone for filming yourself. It’s ideal to choose a smartphone that has multiple cameras. You also want one that can shoot in 1080p and 4K.

You can also buy a small microphone to attach to your smartphone. There are some microphones that have multiple microphone heads built-in. This helps you record voices for multiple people.

This is great if you wish to livestream a conversation such as in a podcast or talk-show setting.

You also want to invest in a portable light when you livestream using your smartphone. You’ll likely have greater challenges with lighting when using a smartphone.

You can also invest in a mini tripod or bipod to keep your smartphone standing. You also want to make sure you invest in extra phone chargers and power banks if your focus is streaming with your smartphone.

Livestream Accessories

You also want to consider the many accessories that’ll make your livestream experience much better.

The first is to buy a muffler for your camera’s microphone. This is especially crucial if you livestream outdoors. This can reduce background noise such as heavy wind or rain.

You might also want to buy a covering for your camera to protect it from severe weather. 

For an indoor livestream, you want to consider buying a photography backdrop. This is usually a large board or cloth that you can stand or sit in front of while you livestream.

You can choose either a white or black backdrop. If you want to alter your backdrop, you can consider investing in a green screen.

You can also choose photography light stands to adjust the lighting of your home studio. You can choose among fluorescent lights, tungsten lights, or spotlights as you see fit.

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It’s also ideal to buy noise-canceling headphones for when you livestream indoors. This helps you record audio without being distracted by outside noise or white noise. 

Preparing Your Livestream

Part of running a successful livestream channel is to prepare ahead of time. While livestreams have an improvisational nature, you want to rehearse for best results.

As such, you should start with recording yourself speaking your message. You should use the same camera and microphone combination to test out if they work.

Record yourself for 5-10 minutes speaking to your camera. You want to watch your recording to assess your performance. Once you’ve done this 2 or 3 times, you can begin with your livestream.

No matter how many times you livestream, you should always rehearse so that your performance is up to par. You also need to rehearse to test out your equipment.

You’ve also got to prepare your setting for your livestream. If you livestream within your studio, make sure that there aren’t any background distractions. You want your clothes to contrast your backdrop.

If your backdrop is a white wall, consider wearing a black t-shirt or top. You want to also make sure to reduce any other noises in your home studio. You can unplug your phone, ask others to be quiet, and sit far away from your front door. 

You’re Ready to Livestream

Now that you know the right livestream equipment to invest in, you’re ready to start the streaming process!

Make sure you spend time finding the right camera and microphone for your needs. You’ll also want the strongest computer along with high levels of RAM and storage space.

Take your time to set up your space and rehearse before streaming. With adequate practice, you’ll be ready to take your message to the masses!

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