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4 Cool Marijuana Jobs You Never Thought About

Are you wondering if the grass is greener on the other side? In the booming marijuana industry, that certainly is the case.

Industry analysts estimate that the cannabis sector will have created 400,000 marijuana jobs by the year 2021. Careers in this field can range from customer service and hospitality to gourmet culinary, to engineers and web designers.

The marijuana industry is extremely competitive. It also pays well for the knowledge and the experience their workforce needs.

If you’re thinking of joining the marijuana industry, read on. Discover some of the great work opportunities you might not have considered!

Extract Artist

Besides harvesting and preparing the plants themselves, people also create extracts from them. Extracts are growing in popularity, so extract artists are in higher demand.

Extraction technicians can earn anywhere from $75,000 to $125,000 a year. Many people hired for this position have advanced education, such as Ph.D.’s in a related field.

Extract artists use specialized machines to remove extracts from the plant. A trained operator will ensure that extracts are consistent and high quality.

Edible Maker

Edibles are becoming their own unique market within the marijuana industry. Candies, baked goods, savory foods, chocolate, and even beverages are infused with extracts of marijuana plants.

Jobs are expanding to accommodate the edible trend. Special edible chefs create recipes and produce food products for dispensaries. Culinary specialists lend their expertise to a variety of dishes with precise doses.

Positions involved in the assembly and packaging have also sprung up in the edible market. Those with experience in the food industry are well suited to these jobs.

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Growers are responsible for cultivating and caring for a variety of marijuana strains. This job is in high demand, with master growers earning around $100,000 annually along with profit share.

Many cultivators have honed their skills independently in legal states. Such a reputation can net them a great position due to a refined skill set.

Growers know how to manage different strains and cultivate them based on the properties inherent to each one. Since many medical and recreational states have only had legal status for a short time, an experienced grower can be hard to find.

Store Manager

Dispensaries are like any retail store in that they need managerial and sales staff in order to keep them running.

In addition to running the day-to-day management and sales responsibilities, store managers must have a wide knowledge of marijuana strains and paraphernalia. It’s important for them to stay on top of trends, laws, medical developments, and more.

Retail managers have the opportunity to make a competitive management salary as well as sales bonuses. They can also be promoted into district sales, taking charge of multiple locations as dispensary companies expand.

Where To Find Out About Marijuana Jobs

With the influx of jobs in the marijuana industry, hiring and training services have sprung up to help job seekers get their foot in the door.

Websites such as 420Careers, Cannajobs, and Ganjapreneur are places where you can search for cannabis-related job openings and even submit your resume.

For training and assistance, job seekers can visit Hemp Staff. They have a training program that serves dispensaries in over 18 states. If you’re looking for a leg up in the hiring process, you can read more here!

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The Marijuana Industry is Growing

As more states recognize the benefits of cannabis, the industry surrounding recreational and medical marijuana is exploding. Marijuana jobs continue to evolve, and an ever-diverse workforce is needed to staff this “budding” industry.

Careers span from culinary experts, to plant biologists, to sales and advertising. There’s plenty of skill crossover between a more traditional job to one in the cannabis field. You might be surprised how some job skills you already have can apply to one in “greener” pastures.

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