Outdoor Vacations for Families

Outdoor Vacations for Families: Top Ideas

Did you know 40 percent of U.S. families take one vacation every year? 68% of American families plan their trips for the summertime. 

Are you planning an upcoming family vacation? Have you considered any outdoor vacations for families? 

This guide will discuss some ideas you might want to consider. Keep reading to learn what they are. 

Explore the Jungle in Riviera Maya, Mexico 

If you’re thinking about taking family adventure vacations, why not choose to explore the jungle in Mexico. On this adventure, your family will be able to learn about the ancient archeological history of Tulum. 

You’ll get to explore the jungle by ATV and even go ziplining. You can also take a swim through the Yaxmuul waters and snorkel through a cave.

Explore the natural beauty of Mexico on this adventure of a lifetime. You can explore these sites on your own or purchase a package with a planned itinerary to ensure you see every site in the area.

Visit a Farm 

A farm vacation is a perfect trip to help your family connect to nature. Book a farm stay vacation so you can experience the process it takes to grow the food on your dinner plate each evening. 

Staying on a farm or ranch is the perfect way to disconnect from the distractions of technology and television. Your children will enjoy interacting with the donkeys or feeding the lambs. 

Gathering eggs from the chicken coop every morning will be your new favorite activity. 

Go Horseback Riding 

Go on a western-inspired vacation with your family and enjoy the wonderful experience of horseback riding through beautiful fields of flowers and mountainside views. 

You can book a few beginners lessons or have a guide with you while you ride so you can feel safe throughout the ride. Horses are therapeutic animals that can help ease your anxieties and increase your happiness. 

On your vacation, you can also enjoy activities like fishing and birdwatching. Social events include sunset barbecues and square dancing. 

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Spend a Weekend Camping 

If you’re looking for vacations for active families, consider a weekend camping trip. You have lots of options to choose from like tent camping, renting a cabin, or an RV. 

This type of trip is affordable and fun for every member of the family. Spending a weekend away from the city will also help you disconnect from the world while reconnecting to your family. 

You can choose to camp at one of the country’s national parks like the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park. There are also plenty of state parks if you want to choose somewhere close to home. 

There are many hiking trails you can explore as a family. You can bring your bike and ride on your camp area’s bike paths too. 

Scuba Dive as a Family 

Scuba diving is another great family activity you can plan for your outdoor family vacation. If you’ll be going somewhere tropical on your family vacation, this allows you to explore the ocean’s unique ecosystems and marine life. 

You can take some introductory scuba diving classes to better prepare for your trip and ensure everyone’s safety. There are also guided tours you can book so you can see more on your dive and learn something new about the ocean you’re swimming through. 

Head to the Beach 

One of the most affordable family adventure vacations is taking a trip to the beach. If you don’t live near a beach or get to visit as often as you like, this can be an exciting trip for you and your children. 

There are many affordable hotels or home rentals close enough to many beach towns around the country. This is the perfect weekend getaway to help you unwind from a long week. 

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You’ll have the chance to do many kinds of fun activities like swimming, paddle boarding, or surfing. You can also spend your time there lounging in the sand and soaking up the sun. 

Go Rafting or Kayaking

For once in a lifetime family vacations, consider a rafting or kayaking trip. Whitewater rafting is a thrilling adventure if this is something you’re seeking. Kayaking gives you the chance to float through tranquil waters. 

With both options, you might get to spot local wildlife. Once you’re out of the river for the day, enjoy campfire dinners and s’mores. Check out what to wear kayaking if you want to be well prepared before your trip. 

Plan a Winter Outdoor Vacation 

While the majority of families plan their vacations around the summer season, you can always plan an outdoor adventure during the winter holidays too. 

There are great outdoor activities you can try as a family in the snow, like skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating. Many ski resorts offer fun activities indoors as well, like indoor hot tubs or hot chocolate by the fire.

One of the most popular skiing destinations is in Park City, Utah, but there are many wonderful ski resorts around the country. 

Visit the Safari 

For a real wild time, plan a family vacation to the safari. Many safari parks around the country offer a glimpse at the natural habitats where zebras, giraffes, and rhinos live. 

You can also plan a safari trip in Africa if you’re interested in a more adventurous vacation with your family. 

Outdoor Vacations for Families 

Are you looking for ideas for outdoor vacations for families? Consider a trip to the jungle in Mexico. You can also spend a weekend hiking trip at one of the country’s national parks. 

Check out some of the other travel blogs on our site if you want more ideas for your next family vacation.