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Three Essential Items to Bring on a Ski Trip

Around 400 million people skin every year, which shows how popular this winter sport is. 

Skiing is a fantastic way to discover new places, sneak in your exercise, and immerse yourself in nature. But it’s important to pack your essentials so you’re ready to carve the slopes. Perhaps you’re packing for a ski trip and you’re not sure where to start. 

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are three things to bring on your ski trip.  

1. Clothes 

Once you’ve Googled “ski trip near me” and browsed ski trip packages, it’s important to bring the right clothes. Make sure you have at least three waterproof jackets, pants, and two snowsuits to keep you warm on the slopes.

Further, the trick to staying warm on a family ski trip is layers. Bring a mid-layer to keep your core warm and use base layers so you’re covered from head to toe. Although there’s a huge selection of cotton apparel available, choose moisture-wicking materials as they will prevent you from overheating.   

And aside from your everyday clothes, you should pack après-ski clothing, whether you’re bar hopping or sipping cocoa by the fire. Don’t worry about bringing fancy apparel, simply pack comfortable pants for lounging, sweaters, and slippers as they’re perfect for unwinding.  

You should also pack enough toiletries for your trip. It’s important to include sunscreen, lip balm, and aloe vera cream as they will nourish your skin. Further, bring shampoo, conditioner, and soap so you can maintain personal hygiene.  

Also, pack your favorite form of entertainment for your downtime. You could pack your favorite novels, a tablet for movies, and playing cards so you can bond with your loved ones.

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2. Ski Accessories 

Not sure what to pack for a ski trip? Then, start by getting the right accessories for your getaway.  

Bring along a ski hat, waterproof gloves, and a balaclava. This fits snugly underneath your helmet and is the key to keeping your neck and head warm. And you mustn’t forget to add goggles to your ski trip checklist to protect your eyes.   

You should also add sunglasses to your ski trip packing list so you’re comfortable as you sky, which is a lifesaver on the brighter days. 

3. Gear

If you’re overwhelmed with what to bring on a ski trip, then arrange your gear. It’s important to bring ski boots along with your skis and ski poles. But don’t worry if you don’t have your gear, you can find a reliable company to rent them from, such as

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you’re prepared for your ski trip. 

Start by picking the right clothes for your trip, toiletries, and accessories to keep you warm on the slopes. You should also consider renting ski gear so you needn’t worry about lugging it with you. Have fun on your trip! 

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