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4 Tips for How to Protect Your Home

Did you know a burglary takes place every 20 seconds in the United States?

Property crimes, such as burglary and larceny, are more common than most of us think. They also cost Americans a lot of money. In fact, property crimes account for over $14 billion worth of financial losses every year.

Looking for creative ways to protect your home from intruders? Here are four home security tips that will give you and your family peace of mind!

1. Use Outdoor Lighting Effectively

Believe it or not, most household burglaries occur during the daytime. But that doesn’t mean your home is safe during the night.

Start off by lighting up the darkest spots in your yard. Make sure to trim your bushes and plants too. Taking these two steps helps eliminate any potential hiding places.

Also, consider installing motion detector lighting on your property. Pay attention to the range of the sensors. Place these lights near all your doors and windows, including those located on the side of your home.

Since most intruders don’t want others to witness their crimes, the spotlight might be enough to deter them – even when you’re not home.

2. Install a High-Quality Security System

If you want to protect your home from burglars, an alarm system is still one of the most effective home security solutions. Just make sure to change your home alarm code regularly.

Try putting a few security system signs around your yard and decals as well as on your windows.

But keep in mind that the key to a good security system is a high-definition home security camera.

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Clear footage can help law enforcement catch an intruder. Sentel Tech night vision spy camera, for example, records in 1080p while disguising itself as a small USB charger.

3. Secure Your Doors and Windows Properly

Locking your doors and windows go a long way toward preventing a break-in. But there are a few other ways you can beef up these common entry points to truly safeguard your home.

Exterior door hinges are not the best choice because a burglar with a screwdriver can remove them within minutes. Reinstall your door with the hinges on the inside of your house.

Next, switch out your spring latch locks for deadbolt locks. Not only are deadbolts harder to pick, but they’re also more durable, which makes them ideal for exterior doors.

Finally, your windows and glass doors can benefit from security film. Once installed, any burglar attempting to enter your home by breaking the glass will run into issues.

4. Develop a Plan

In the event that a burglar somehow manages to sneak into your home, it’s important to have a plan in place.

Sit down with your family and set some rules regarding locking windows and doors. Guide them through a handful of realistic break-in scenarios.

Also, show your kids how to contact emergency services, and teach them their home address.

Final Thoughts on How to Protect Your Home

The home-protection tips listed above will help you and your family avoid unexpected disaster.

However, make sure to develop strong relationships with your neighbors too.

They can help keep an eye on your property if you’re away on vacation. Plus, they can also pick up your mail, or even park their car in your driveway to dissuade potential burglars.

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