Best Time to Visit England

When Exactly Is the Best Time to Visit England?

If there’s one thing that Brits are famous for, it’s talking about the weather (or drinking tea). There’s a reason for the former: England’s weather is notoriously unreliable. 

Unfortunately, bad weather significantly limits the activities that are available in England. If it’s windy, the trains stop running. If it snows, say goodbye to trains. If it’s sunny, welcome to the party! 

If you’re planning a trip to England, you need to get into the British mindset and plan your trip around the seasons. If you’re wondering about the best time to visit England, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here with a simple guide that’ll help you decide. 

Let’s count down from the worst to the best times to visit England! 

4. Winter

Coming in at number 4 (the worst time to visit the UK) is wintertime. The UK winter is cold, grey, icy, and dull. Brits head inside and enjoy hot stews and cups of tea; you’ll find there isn’t much to do as a visitor. 

If you love the colder months, you’ll also be disappointed. Snow is few and far between and rarely exceeds two inches. When there is snow, it’s usually turned into muddy slush within a few days when the inevitable rain comes. 

However, if you visit in winter, make sure you don’t miss the Bath Christmas market. You can feast on festive foods, buy souvenirs, and appreciate all the festive decorations. 

3. Spring

As the cold weather subsides, England starts to wake up again. If you’re planning a trip to England in the spring, try to stay in the Cotswolds among nature. You can even fly directly into the Costwolds and experience the English Spring with Jet Class Travel!

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You’ll be able to appreciate beautiful spring flowers and crisp morning walks. However, you can still expect a lot of rain (often referred to as April showers). 

2. Autumn

If you’re visiting the UK in Autumn, get ready for flurries of red and brown leaves falling from every tree. Autumn is one of the cooler times while brits prepare for winter. 

If you want to avoid the summer holiday crowds, you should travel in Autumn, as there will still be things to do in England but without loads of tourists. 

1. Summer

Finally, the absolute best time to visit England is the Summer months. The warmer weather brings brits out in force, enjoying the parks and having barbeques. The national mood is enthusiastic! 

The sights to see in London are one of the main reasons to travel to the UK. In the summer, you’ll find everything is alive with fun activities and tours. 

Summer Is the Best Time to Visit England

There’s no doubt about it; summer is the best time to visit England. Although you can’t guarantee there won’t be rain, you’ll have a range of activities and sights to see in summer. 

So, it’s time to start planning your summer holiday. Make sure to visit London and the Cotswolds for a fantastic trip. 

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