Costa Rica Vacation

5 Tips on How to Plan the Perfect Costa Rica Vacation

The sun is shining, and it’s finally time to plan a tropical vacation. You’ve certainly earned it. Costa Rica is renowned for its biodiversity; imagine green rainforests, stunning beach sunsets, and running waterfalls. You’re in paradise.

Vacations in Costa Rica are some of the best in the world, but they require a lot of planning. The country’s position on the equator gives it a unique climate that should be carefully planned for.

Continue reading for 5 tips on planning your Costa Rica vacation. From the best time to visit to what food to eat, you’ll find everything you’ll want to know.

When to Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located on the equator, meaning it rarely ever gets cold. Never dropping below 70F degrees, The only thing you’ll have to consider is whether to come during the rainy or dry season.

Planning your trip from December through April will offer your driest opportunity to visit Costa Rica. However, this is the country’s most visited time, so consider booking your accommodations well in advance and be ready for higher prices.

Where to Stay in Costa Rica For Your Costa Rica Vacation

When planning your accommodations for your Costa Rica vacation, You’ll want to consider what attractions you’d like to be close to. The most popular destinations in the country include:

  • San Jose
  • Jaco
  • Monteverde
  • La Fortuna

Depending on whether you prefer beaches, forests, mountains, or volcanos, you have plenty of options when deciding between Costa Rica vacation rentals. This company offers some of the best ocean views in the country.

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What to See in Costa Rica

The country has so much geographic diversity packed into one little area. From active volcanos and jungle waterfalls to pristine beaches and stunning mountain ranges, there are outdoor activities for every type of adventure.

You’ll want to book a guided excursion for your best opportunity to experience Costa Rica’s natural beauty. There are a plethora of Costa Rica vacation packages that include guides for hiking, kayaking, and even ziplining.

What to Pack For Your Vacation to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s location on the equator makes it a particularly unique destination to pack for. While you won’t want to forget your bathing suit, some other items you’ll want to bring include:

  • A water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • A raincoat
  • Extra socks

While Costa Rica stays warm year-round, it also receives a lot of rain. Even during the dry season, there is always a chance of rainstorms. For those planning hiking excursions, having extra dry clothes will make or break the experience.

What to Eat On Your Costa Rica Vacation

While on your vacation to Costa Rica, give yourself the chance to try the country’s local cuisine. You may find yourself falling in love with freshly made patacones. Costa Rica is also known for its delicious empanadas, Gallo Pinto, and local beer.

Be sure to bring home some of the country’s single-source chocolate and coffee.

More Travel Planning Tips

Planning your Costa Rica vacation requires a considerable amount of time, especially if you’d like to visit during the dry season. For more advice on planning for Costa Rica, as well as other adventure ideas and equipment reviews, check out our Travel Hacks section.

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