Church Fundraising

5 Great Ideas for Church Fundraising

Never has the church had a more vital role to play than it did following the pandemic. Families were pulled apart by social distancing and lockdowns. Many people have emerged from this period feeling lost and isolated.

But the pandemic has had another impact on churches, and that’s finances. With many communities told to stay away from church attendance, funds have taken a hit.

If that’s the situation you find yourself in, we’ve put together this guide to our top five fundraising ideas for the church. 

1. Organize a Coffee and Cake Morning

Few people can resist turning down a delicious, home-baked cake. So it’s no surprise that coffee and cake mornings are among the most popular (and successful) fundraising ideas for a small church.

To get the most from this event, why not create a theme? You could even run a competition for the best cake (in the style of The Great British Bake Off). 

Ask friends of the church to lend a good quality coffee machine and speak to local restaurants to see if you can borrow some tables and chairs for the morning. 

2. Host an Outdoor Family Day

Getting the whole family involved is a great way of raising funds and building a community spirit for your local church. You could host a sports day competition for parents and children to enter many funny and wacky races. 

Don’t forget to make this an event to remember by adding food and drink stalls (ice creams too) and adding decorations. Some themed decorations, such as these VBS 2022 themes, will also look fantastic. 

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3. Set up a Fundraiser via a Crowdfunding Website

If you have a solid social media presence and you are limited in time to raise money, head online for your next fundraising mission. Signing up to a crowdfunding site will allow you to get donations from near and far.

To succeed in this strategy, include a thoughtful introduction about why you are raising money for the church and how you will spend the funds.

Ask friends of your church to share the fundraiser on their social media profiles so that you maximize its reach. 

4. Launch a Silent Auction

Perhaps your church community has some generous private and commercial donors who’d be happy to contribute an item to a silent auction.

If that’s the case, this is an excellent way for you to raise money for the church, and your community will find it fun and rewarding.

Publicize the event in advance so that people have time to browse through the auction items and decide on their favorite things. They’ll have time to raise the money to secure their favorite lot!

5. Try a Yard Sale

All of us have items in our homes that we don’t use. Often they sit, unloved, in a garage or basement. If so, why not dust them off, donate them to the church, and host a yard sale?

Print flyers and posters to let people know the time and date, and if you get a sunny day, you’ll attract a large crowd and earn plenty of funds for the church. 

Five Fundraising Ideas for Church

These fundraising ideas for the church should give you a head start when planning your money-making events.

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Raising money is a great way to get your community together, have fun, and support your church. Why not start arranging one of these activities today?

And if you need further inspiration, head to our lifestyle section for more easy fundraising ideas for the church.