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How Much Does It Usually Cost to Buy Essential Oils?

More than any of our other senses, smell is the most directly connected to our memories and the emotional regions of our brains. If you’ve ever caught a whiff of something and felt immediately transported back to a certain time or place, you can thank your keen sense of smell.

This effect that scents can have on our emotions makes pleasant smells all the more important. That’s where aromatherapy can come in.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils to positively impact your mood. But how do you get started, and where do you buy essential oils? Keep reading for this brief buying guide on essential oils and all you need to know to make the best choice for you.

Types of Essential Oils

We’ll start by taking a brief look at different types of essential oils since this can affect their pricing structure. Essential oils are extracts from different plants, so how expensive that plant is to grow or how rare that plant is can make a difference in final essential oil prices. 

Some oils, like lemon, rosemary, or clove oil can be quite affordable since the plants themselves are common and easy to grow. Others, such as lavender or vanilla oil, which can induce feelings of calm and relaxation, tend to be more expensive due to the cost of the plants themselves.

It’s also important to consider that whether you buy pure essential oils or essential oil blends can affect the price. Go right here to check out a popular scent combination and get a more clear picture of pricing. 

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How Much Are Essential Oils?

Just as there are many different types of essential oils, there are many different price points across the market as well. The price of essential oils can range anywhere from around ten dollars for a small bottle to one hundred dollars for a large bottle of high-quality oil.

It’s also possible to find essential oil kits that include several types of oil for reasonable price points around thirty dollars. These could give you the chance to try different oils and curate a list of the best essential oils for your preferences and needs.

Why Does the Cost of Essential Oils Vary?

Besides the type of plant used to produce a certain type of oil, some other factors influence the price. If it takes a lot of a plant to produce a little bit of oil, it will be more expensive. 

Where the plant grows is also important. If you’re buying essential oils in the United States, for example, certain oils that only grow internationally might be more expensive to cover production and shipping costs.

Finally, the biggest pricing factor is the quality of the oil. To sell cheaper oils, some companies dilute them with other oils or additives. The more pure and natural your oil blend, the more you’ll pay for it.

Find Your Confidence to Buy Essential Oils

Some have found that essential oils can make a huge difference in their mood and how they feel. They can also be a great component of home care and cleaning routines, helping to make your space feel comfortable and cozy. With this breakdown of possible costs, you’re ready to do your own research and buy essential oils. 

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