Help and Support for Elderly Loved Ones

How to Provide Practical Help and Support for Elderly Loved Ones

Did you know 17.7 million Americans are caregivers to family members over 65? You can provide practical help in a number of ways. If you want to learn how to provide support, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to support your aging parents and provide companionship. Ask your loved ones how you can help.

Ready to learn more? Check out the tips below.

What Are Your Parents Needs?

You should discern how much medical help your parents will need. Do you need home health aides to come to their home once in a while, or can you handle their care?

If your parent needs help with cooking or cleaning, hire assistance. You might choose to clean or cook with the help of other relatives.

Instead of assuming or guessing what your parents need, ask them. They might suggest things like running errands, vacuuming, or doing the laundry.

You can always express your desire to help even if they decline. Deliver hot meals, or clean up their yard from time to time.

Consider the Network

Are there other people who can come and provide care? Consider reaching out to your loved ones’ church to learn about senior programs. Your aging parents can still enjoy a fulfilling life.

Do they have a passion for gardening or cards? Find out about a local community garden or start one in their backyard. Go to a local card hall for Friday night games.

Elderly people with a social network are happier and live longer.

Spend Quality Time Together

As an adult child, you should make it a priority to hang out with your parents. Spend quality time with them. Have tea on Sunday with them or go for a country drive.

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Begin Making Their Home More Accessible

If your parent would prefer to stay in their house, see how you can make it more accessible. People in wheelchairs need to install ramps so they can move from one room to another.

You could also get a portable ramp for them when they visit you at your house. Portable ramps are for personal use only because they aren’t ADA-compliant.

Promote Nutritious Choices

As parents age, they don’t always take care of themselves like they did when they were younger. You should ensure your parent maintains a healthy diet. Pick up lots of fresh fruits and vegetables from a local market.

Ensure they have access to hot mess if they can’t prepare them alone.

Communicate Your Boundaries

Tell your loved ones what you can provide. Don’t overextend yourself because you could get sick.

Look at helping when you can. Ask another relative to step in or hire help if you need a break. Go on a scheduled vacation to get refreshed.

Use These Practical Help Tips

We hope this guide on practical help tips for an elderly parent was helpful. Look at supporting them while they live at home. Make them nutritious meals, spend quality time and bring them to social events.

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