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12 Low-Maintenance Countertops That Would Look Amazing In Your Kitchen

Kitchen countertops are not only one of the most vital features in the function of your kitchen, they can also be one of the most frustrating and headache-inducing aspects of your cooking space.

Finding kitchen counters that are easy to install, clean and work on, all while being aesthetically pleasing can seem almost like an impossibility when undergoing home renovations or updates. It can lead a person to spend too much on a countertop they don’t even want.

There are plenty of low-maintenance countertops just waiting to be installed, the secret is just in knowing they exist. These countertops are simple, easy and can create a unique addition to the design of your dream kitchen.

So what are countertops that will make your kitchen magic? Lucky for you, we’ve created a guide of 12 different low-maintenance counters for you to install in your kitchen.

1. Quartz Counters

Quartz is basically the superhero of all countertop materials. It has the high-quality look of granite or marble and virtually has no weakness. it is scratch, stain and heat resistant. It also has no need to be sealed because Quartz is non-porous.

Quartz countertops are engineered stone that is held together by a polymer resin. The only maintenance that these countertops need is a wipe down with soap and water.

With many colors and patterns to choose from, it can be highly customizable as well. For a beautiful and high end look to your kitchen, without any of the upkeep hassles, Quartz is an excellent choice for a countertop.

2. Concrete

One of the more trendy materials to build countertops with, concrete is an eye-catching and unique way to create a low-maintenance look in your kitchen.

Concrete is very thick and also heat and scratch resistant. It can be customized to your personal taste, with color, texture and the ability to mix with other materials.

Another perk of using concrete as a counter surface is that it is energy efficient in that it can capture heat and then release it when the temperature lowers. It goes great with many kitchen appliances and is extremely easy to clean.

3. Wooden Countertops

As a more rustic look, try installing wooden countertops, similar to a butcher’s block, in your kitchen. Wood is highly heat resistant to boot, so you don’t have to worry about hot pans touching the countertop.

A great benefit of using wood for your countertop design is that its perfect for prep work, even for chopping meat (when properly sealed). If you love cooking, then a wood-based counter space is a great option.

The best part? Wood countertops are a budget-friendly option!

4. Zinc

Instead of using stainless steel which maintains every single smudge and fingerprint on its surface, try using zinc as an alternative with the same kind of feel.

Zinc is a material that instead of smudging, just gets darker over time and creates a beautiful color post oxidation.

Because zinc is non-porous, it is bacteria resistant and the only maintenance is a quick wipe down with a cleaning agent. Its sleek, modern and requires very little attention.

5. Glass

Though this might be a pricier option, glass countertops are some of the most hygienic and visually appealing countertops available. Glass can be cut into any shape or size and is becoming more and more popular as a modern option for kitchens.

It is non-porous and easy to wipe down and clean, because of this it is also stain resistant. For those who value cleanliness and a streamlined look to the kitchen, glass countertops should be considered.

If money is an issue for you, using recycled glass can make this option cheaper.

6. Soapstone

A long-time favorite, Soapstone is not only one of the most durable countertops available, it is also one of the only stones that won’t require an annual sealing.

It comes in a variety of greyscale colors, whose colors deepen over time. It’s extremely durable and is simultaneously stain, heat and acid resistant.

It doesn’t need any special cleaners and is very non-porous. It looks smooth, matte and very beautiful in a kitchen setting.

7. Tile Counters

For a unique and easy to do countertop project, tile is a cheap way to create a counter space of your dreams. Tile is definitely the choice for the DIY’ers out there because it’s easy to install and won’t break the budget.

Best of all, tile is easy to clean because of its smooth surface. Tile can also give way to an abundance of different designs and patterns to create a more distinct and attention-grabbing aesthetic to your kitchen.

If you are on a budget and looking to do this project on your own, tile is the way to go.

8. EcoTop

A material that is beginning to make its way on the scene, EcoTop is a bamboo and paper composite that is eco-friendly and very easy to clean.

If an environment-friendly solution to your countertop woes is a priority for you, EcoTop is an excellent example of a way to do this. The countertop itself is durable, both scratch and stain proof and the best part, unlike some of the stone choices, it won’t discolor over time.

A soapy sponge is the only cleaning necessary, though it is recommended to get it resealed depending on the wear it receives in its lifetime.

They can come in a variety of different colors, so you don’t have to sacrifice personality for an eco-friendly option.

9. Stainless Steel

There is a reason that most commercial kitchens use stainless steel as their countertops of choice.

It has no need to be sealed, nothing can stain it and its impervious to heat. It complements many types of kitchen appliances so it can also be aesthetically pleasing if installed tastefully.

Stainless Steel is a simple and easy choice for a low maintenance countertop that doubles as a food prep station and doesn’t need to be replaced often. The only downside is that it can be scratched and dented.

10. Laminate

If it’s a “retro” look you are trying to find in your kitchen, a laminate countertop is one of the most budget-friendly and nostalgia-inducing options out there.

The benefits of choosing laminate are plenty. It can be replaced very cheaply if need be and is extremely low-maintenance. It never needs to be finished or resealed, and its non-porous surface makes cleaning simple.

It comes in a variety of shapes and colors and patterns so it is easy to enjoy a kitchen with character and spunk when you use laminate countertops. Best of all, it’s trendy to have a retro vibe currently, so this affordable option can also be culturally relevant.

11. Lava Stone

Though this is one of the more expensive options, lava stone is a great choice if you are looking for a high-end countertop that is easy to maintain. It’s pretty much immune to any kind of damage, including fluctuating temperatures or stains.

Every single piece of lava stone is unique, so you can be sure that your kitchen is one of a kind. They can be made in many different colors and also have to option of being seamless.

It’s one of the most durable and easy to clean countertops but extremely difficult to get your hands on because it is so unique in nature.

12. Recycled

A recycled countertop is also a choice of the eco-lovers out there and can be made using a plethora of different materials.

Recycled concrete, glass, paper or plastic are just a few of the types of composites that can be used to create a unique countertop that benefits the environment. These tend to be durable and easy to take care off so its a win-win solution.

Recycled materials can create a distinctive look to your kitchen, be a budget-friendly option and be a way to lessen your environmental footprint.

Low-Maintenance Countertops and Your Dream Kitchen

Installing low-maintenance countertops can help you feel at ease in your kitchen and allow you to focus on creating beautiful meals rather than stressing about maintaining the aesthetic.

Just because a countertop is easy to work with, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or displeasing to the eye. These materials are trendy as well as functional and can be used to update your kitchen into the perfect workspace.

Creating a beautiful kitchen doesn’t have to be a headache with these countertop ideas. For more interesting home tips and hacks, check out our blog.