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How to Learn Winning Negotiation Tactics for Those Tough Sells

No matter what industry you work in, you must always remember that you’re in sales.

Convincing a consumer to give you a piece of their time and money requires sound negotiation strategies. If you’re looking to get better with these techniques, you need to develop ironclad negotiation tactics that will work for years to come.

Follow these tips so you have tools in your bag of tricks that will carry you far.

Develop a Win-Win Mindset

The problem that most people have when trying to land sales is that they go in with a “me first” attitude. Others fail at negotiating sales because they’re too self-sacrificing, to the point that it cuts into profits.

Giving and receiving are intrinsically linked, so developing a win-win mindset should be tops on your list of negotiation skills.

This mindset means always finding a solution that works for everyone involved. No one should walk away from the negotiation table feeling like they got shorted.

Negotiating with this level of fairness in mind not only lets you close one sale, but it also creates repeat business.

Listen and Let the Customer Speak

Listening is the missing piece of the communication puzzle for most.

When you’re talking over customers, monopolizing the conversation or aggressively steering the conversation, it breeds mistrust. Leave space for the customer to speak, and always listen without needing to immediately rebut.

Truly listen without thinking about yourself, so that you can figure out how to create value. Always take a deep breath before speaking again, so that you’re creating a calming presence that shows the customer they have your undivided attention.

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Make Your Negotiation Bigger Than Just Dollars and Cents

While money is the bottom line in any business, never limit your negotiation to the final price.

There are so many other factors on the table for negotiation — to include terms of the contract, types of services offered, and a variety of perks that can be thrown in to sweeten the pot. Not to mention the fact that your customer will always haggle over price if that is all you’re focusing in on.

Have a price that you won’t budge on so that the majority of the negotiation period revolves around other factors.

Honing Your Negotiation Tactics

Most importantly, take the time to put together a sales pitch that counts.

You’ll want to work out your sales points down to the most minute detail, and need to understand your product like the back of your hand. Be sure that you practice your diction and do what you can to communicate clearly and effectively.

When you have conviction with the way that you speak, and continuously better yourself as a sales professional, you will have whatever it takes to hone your negotiation skills to the fullest.

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