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The Best Cities for Millennials to Discover Their Promise and Passion

By 2019, there will be 73 million people included in the millennial generation, making it the largest generation at that time. While the border years sometimes change, millennials are typically defined as anyone born from 1981 to 1996.

The millennial generation has been the force behind many of the cultural changes that now impact all of us on a daily basis. It is a generation that has been defined by its drive and passion for innovation, invention, action, and change.

Millennials are unique and there are certain areas of the country that are best suited to this generation. There are certain cities millennials are moving to more than others. The game-changing trends are coming out of these places.

Below, we’ll review the best cities for millennials who want to be amongst other like-minded people.

1. Overland Park

When you think of the top cities for millennials, you may not think of Kansas. In reality, Overland Park, Kansas is attracting more young people in the millennial generation every year. When you learn more about this suburb of Kansas City, it’s not hard to understand why.

Overland Park boasts a low cost of living, but high rates of employment among millennials. And because it is in close proximity to Kansas City, there is easy access to the culture and energy that you expect from a city.

Overland Park could be especially appealing to young millennial families who are ready to buy a home and settle down in an area with good schooling options for their children.

2. New York City

Despite its expense, New York City will always remain one of the most popular cities millennials are moving to. What has changed is the popularity of outer boroughs. Manhattan may still be where professionals go to make their name, but increasingly, millennials are choosing to live in areas like Brooklyn or Harlem.

So many industries are based in New York City, which is why it remains a top destination for millennials to live. From finance to fashion to food, New York City is the place where many millennials go to start their career.

There is also still the sense that if you can make it in New York, you’ll be successful anywhere else. College graduates go to the city to cut their teeth, so to speak. By the time they are ready to settle down and start a family, they have solid experience under their belt and can move into a top position elsewhere.

3. Nashville

Nashville’s identity as a city is strongly linked with the music business, but that’s only part of the reason why it has become one of the best city for millennials to live in. The city also boasts steady job growth and affordable housing, two things millennials are always looking for.

Of course, what sets Nashville apart is the city’s personality. No matter how many millennials move there from all over the country, Nashville maintains its southern roots. That translates into incredible live music and nightlife, as well as sought-after restaurants. There are also professional sports teams, well-known shopping areas, and outdoor green space.

Many graduates from well-known Vanderbilt University choose to stay in the city as well, which is boosting its millennials population even further.

4. San Francisco

San Francisco may not have the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles, but it is a hub of innovation. Millennials are attracted to the city because of the possibility it offers. In San Francisco, drive and passion will translate into a job with some of the top companies in the world, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

The culture of San Francisco also makes it one of the top cities for millennials. New industries and business opportunities are popping up all the time. Legalized marijuana is one example of a new industry, and this guide goes in-depth about the endless possibility this field presents.

San Francisco also embodies so much of what people love about California in general. There are plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation, including national parks and hiking trails. It is also within driving distance of California wine country, which is a perfect weekend escape.

5. Denver

One of the hallmarks of the millennial generation is the belief in “work hard, play hard.” Millennials are committed to pursuing their passions through their careers, but they also want a fulfilling lifestyle outside of work. Denver might be the best city for millennials looking to strike that perfect balance.

During the week, Denver’s industry provides millennials plenty of opportunities to start and build prominent careers. On the weekends, the city is known for its nightlife and bar scene, including a number of high-quality breweries.

Denver is also the perfect city for “weekend warriors” who want to get outside and workout. There are hiking trails and ski resorts just a short drive away.

6. Seattle

Seattle is a lot more than rain and coffee. In recent years, it has become one of the top cities for millennials. Several of the country’s largest employers are in Seattle, which has helped to raise the city’s profile. Seattle is also a highly-educated city and millennials who move there after college are helping to continue that trend.

This vibrant city also has key amenities that millennials are looking for, such as a robust public transportation city and numerous sources for responsibly grown food. From museums to parks to the landmark Space Needle, there is no shortage of attractions that would any millennial proud to call Seattle home.

Want to Know More About the Best Cities for Millennials?

There are a variety of different elements that millennials are looking for when they move to a new city. They want a place with a diverse population and a vibrant culture, where they can pursue their interests and make a difference.

They want to be able to try new restaurants, visit new museums, explore new parks. The best cities for millennials are the ones that inspire the generation to live up to–if not exceed–their potential.

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