Big Container, Big Potential: How to Use Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

It turns out if you look at the nation’s waterways, there have been hundreds of companies that have seriously polluted them.

Even if a company has done a good job of cleaning up, it’s nearly impossible to completely remove pollutants from water. To ensure your company’s water supply isn’t subject to contamination, change to stainless steel storage to protect yourself.

Here are five reasons anyone needs to use stainless steel storage containers.

1. Perfect For Dairy

While there are millions of gallons of dairy produced daily, there are very specific conditions that they need to be produced and stored in.

Stainless steel great for dairy because of the potential bacterial growth and microbes that could interfere. Between animals that haven’t been properly sterilized and the inherently unsterile conditions at a farm, stainless steel ensures milk and dairy are protected.

From the tens of thousands of farms across the country that produce dairy products, it’s vital that their goods are protected.

Stainless steel is perfect because it allows the stored dairy to be kept at ideal conditions to ensure safe consumption. Large stainless steel tanks also keep things protected from leakage or the introduction of foreign bacteria.

Whether you run your own dairy farm or you’re looking to store and process dairy, consider stainless steel storage.

You ensure that everything is safely ready for the next step in the process, or shipment to its next destination.

2. Brew Your Own

If you’re a beer lover or have ever been to a brewery, you know the look of a giant stainless steel brewing container. With thousands of breweries across the country, each one of them has a boatload of stainless steel containers for brewing.

As the craft beer wave is cresting, the subtle notes of flavor and styles of brewing depend on very specific temperature and flavor elements.

If you don’t take this seriously, you risk brewing a batch of skunky swill that no one wants. You also risk not being able to sell your beer because it’s not up to health standards.

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To avoid this, get some stainless steel containers of your own for brewing. Even if you’re not planning on pushing Budweiser out of your town, you should still hold standards for your own brewing.

When you want to store any liquid and maintain a solid flavor, stainless steel is the way to go.

While it’s true that wooden barrels add a unique flavor, especially when soaked with another liquor, they’re much more of a hassle. Getting a wooden barrel to do anything that you want is a challenge.

Even keeping it sealed isn’t as easy as you might think.

3. Buy The Pharm

If you’re in the manufacturing or processing of pharmaceuticals, you know how rigorous the testing and inspections are.

Even as modern medicine has made medication safer, we would have what we have now if it wasn’t for stainless steel.

Decades ago, when penicillin was still in its infancy, it was hard to mass produce. Because it required controlled conditions to be produced, this wonder drug that cured so many ailments was in short supply.

The best way to ensure that it could be mass produced was to create sterile storage tanks.

With the help of a few scientists, the world got all the penicillin they needed because giant tanks were created. These tanks ensured that the pH balance was stable and the air was sterile for the drug to ferment.

We would have a much smaller population today if it was still so hard to make penicillin. Thankfully the process was perfected and the world got all the penicillin it needed.

No matter what kind of pharmaceuticals you’re making, the need for sterility and cleanliness remains. With the help of stainless steel, we have enough medication to treat most of the problems that ail us today.

4. Water Storage

As the world’s population grows and more people struggle to get clean and fresh water, stainless steel storage comes in handy. A ready supply of water can’t be taken for granted and with the technology we have today, increasingly larger tanks can be created.

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If you’re in the field of irrigation for farming or manufacturing using a lot of water, you need to have it at hand at all times.

Stainless steel storage with conical bottoms ensures that these tanks drain quickly when you need them.

If you’re in the food and beverage industry, stainless steel water ensures that you have clean and sterile water at hand at all times. If you’re making any kind of drink you need to protect your water supply with stainless steel.

For farms or rural regions, bolted steel tanks are vital to protecting your supplies.

5. Keeping Chemicals

Whether it’s to protect your chemicals from impurities or to protect the world from your chemicals, stainless steel is going to do the trick.

If you’re looking for a strong and reliable system for storing chemicals, stainless steel has durability like few other metals. It also resists corrosion and ensures you protect from leakage and accidental punctures.

You could end up with a serious environmental issue on your hands if you’re not careful. Stainless steel storage ensures you don’t have any problems.

These could be stationary structures that sit on a foundation or they could be smaller tanks that get moved around. Stainless steel withstands the problems of being exposed to the elements and

Chemical stainless steel storage tanks can take the form of stationary structures set in their foundations or nurse tanks – smaller tanks that are designed to be moved around in the field and that can withstand the rigors of being out in the open and moved on a trailer.

Stainless Steel Storage Solves Problems

Whether you want to keep everything in or keep everything out of your liquids or products, stainless steel storage containers are problems solvers.

If you haven’t switched to stainless steel, it’s time.

If you’re thinking of purifying the air in your facility, check out our guide to learn the advantages.