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Don’t Know How to Design a Vintage Bathroom? Here Are Some Ideas

Mastering the art of interior design doesn’t happen overnight. Even for high-end designers who create amazing spaces every day, the process of transforming a room or a whole house takes a lot of work. It requires careful thought and planning as well as the willingness to fine-tune all the details until everything is just right.

This doesn’t you can’t create a beautiful design on your own, though!

Everyone has an eye for design hidden inside of them. The trick is to know how to bring this creative side out and use it to establish a beautiful setup in your home. This goes for the kitchen, the living room, and even the bathroom, and it works with all kinds of design styles.

If you want to create the ultimate vintage bathroom, you’re in luck.

The following is a list of all the best vintage design tips to use in your new bathroom.

1. Get a Big Free-Standing Bathtub

Nothing is more vintage than a classic clawfoot bathtub.

Clawfoot tubs are oval-shaped, free-standing bathtubs. They typically have legs on the bottom and a vintage-looking faucet like the ones available on this website.

Even if you prefer taking a shower and don’t bathe often, you need this design feature in your vintage bathroom.

A clawfoot tub can tie the whole room together, and it leaves no doubt as to the kind of design you’re going for. It’s one of the most popular vintage pieces out there. Plus, you may end up taking more baths than you think.

2. Be Creative with Your Bathroom Tiles

Another tell-tale sign that you’re going for a vintage look is to have small, eclectic bathroom tiles. This can mean a variety of things.

Maybe you opt to have small black and white tiles all over the floor, or you decide to line a portion of the walls with colorful tiles. You could do a combination of wall tiles and floor tiles as well, but this has to be very well-planned in order not to overwhelm the room.

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3. Repurpose Worn-Down Items

The next vintage design tip worth using in your new bathroom is decorating with old pieces you find around the house and in antique stores. This could include things like:

  • an antique photo frame
  • an old, worn-down shelf
  • a wooden ladder
  • an iron bench

All of these items look amazing in a vintage bathroom when used correctly. Just don’t use them all together.

The use of a wooden ladder as shelving space and an antique photo frame to line a mirror, for instance, is a great design combination.

Save the bench if you have a small bathroom. Think twice before using both a ladder and an old shelf – you may not need all that storage space.

4. Mix Wood Elements with Metallic Details

Speaking of mixing vintage elements together, don’t be afraid to play with different colors and textures. Wood and metal look beautiful in the bathroom, and they go hand in hand with the vintage vibes you’re trying to create.

Imagine having a wooden counter space around the sink and a mirror lined with gold or bronze. Picture walking into your bathroom to see that your tub’s legs are made of gold, or that the walls are lined with wood that has been painted white.

These are just a handful of the possibilities available. They won’t all be ideal for your bathroom, but some will be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

5. Expose Brick If You Have It

Do you live in a brick house? Are you interested in combining standard vintage design with a bit of a rustic feel?

If so, bring some exposed brick into the mix.

This is easy to do if your walls have been made of brick, but it’s not impossible to do in a home that was more recently built. Just be sure your walls have the strength to support this design material; take a second to think about how this will affect the space.

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You want the brick to create texture in the room and appeal to the eyes. There is a small chance it overwhelms or crams the space instead.

6. Create a Pop of Color

One way to balance all the elements in the bathroom is to create a pop of color. You’ve already done this if you’ve decided to go with an interesting set of tiles.

But, there are many other ways to achieve this. Consider buying a handful of small mirrors and painting their frames a bold blue or an interesting shade of green. Don’t rule out the use of certain shades of yellow or even orange.

The trick is to use such fun colors in bits and pieces, and stick to an overall color theme. This way, you give the room character without setting the whole design off-balance.

7. Get the Lighting Just Right

The final piece of design advice to keep in mind is to make use of all the lighting available to you. The more natural light your vintage bathroom has, the better.

If you need to bring more artificial light into the room, do so with fixtures like bronze sconces or modern lanterns. These complement the vintage look well, and they’re great metallic touches to use in conjunction with the other gold/bronze elements in the room.

Enjoy Your Brand New Vintage Bathroom for Many, Many Years

There’s no better feeling than walking into your complete vintage bathroom and taking it all in. Before you know it, you’ll be taking more baths than you ever have – or at least enjoying your personal care routine just a bit more.

That’s what happens when you establish an environment that’s just right for you. But, you have to know how to take good care of your new bathroom to make this special space last.

Here are a few home cleaning and maintenance tips to keep in mind for the bathroom and the house as a whole.