5 Super Secret Ways to Hack the Menu at Starbucks

Believe it or not, you don’t have to stick to the traditional Starbucks menu.

There is a whole world outside of vanilla lattes and chai teas. This article will teach you 5 ways to hack the menu at Starbucks so you can get exactly what you want. 

1. Order Light Ice

You don’t want to pay for a fancy coffee drink and have it mostly by ice, do you?

Ordering “light ice” will make your drink more flavorful. Typically Starbucks employees fill the cup entirely with ice, giving you less coffee.

Later when your ice melts in your cup, you’re left with a watered down beverage. Light ice will keep your drink cold while also satisfying your coffee needs.

2. Bring Your Own Cup

Save the environment and your wallet by bringing your own cup to Starbucks.

The store will give you a discount on your coffee. Plus you’ll get a morale boost by knowing you’re helping the environment. If you crave the look of carrying a Starbucks cup, you can purchase a reusable one and bring it back each time you come to the store.

There are plenty of stylish, reusable tumblers of all colors and shapes. Do some shopping to find on that you’ll be happy to carry around. 

3. Order a Blended Coffee

You don’t have to pay $5+ for a Frappuccino anymore.

Simply ask for an iced coffee to be blended with your milk of choice. All they will do it toss the two things in a blender and it will come out looking and tasting like a Frappuccino. You’ll cut the extra cost without having to sacrifice any of the fun. Save your money for Human PBMCs

4. Order Off the Secret Menu

Did you know Starbucks has an entire menu that’s not listed on their billboards?

Be sure to check the secret menu website for items you didn’t even know were possible. Try a Butterbeer frappuccino to get in touch with your inner witch or wizard.

If you love candy, you can opt for a Snickers or Skittles frappuccino. The secret menu will offer you sweet new deals, so you should check it regularly.

5. Don’t Buy Water

There’s no need to drop money on bottled water at a Starbucks. If you’re not in the mood for coffee, there’s no need to go thirsty. 

The company will give out complimentary grande cups of water. All you have to do is ask for a water at check out. 

Follow These Tips to Hack the Menu

While a trip to Starbucks might seem straight forward, there are many things you can do to hack the menu. 

Baristas are used to people switching up their orders and they’re trained to know the secret menu as well. There’s no need to feel bad about ordering something that’s not straight off the menu board. 

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