Stop Hibernating! 5 Fun Winter Activities You Might Not Have Thought Of Trying

The winter can bring plenty of snow and chilly conditions to a city.

There’s not a lot to do when you can’t escape from your house, so you need to be creative with coming up with a few fun winter activities.

These are five winter activities to consider for your family once the weather gets colder outside!

1. Build a Winter Bonfire

One idea for enjoying the outdoors in the winter is to build a winter bonfire. A winter bonfire will be a great activity to each night when the sun goes down. 

Go to your local grocery store and pick up all the essentials for roasting s’mores. You’ll need graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows, and sticks to roast your late night treats with friends. 

To make your bonfire, collect twigs and branches from nearby trees in your neighborhood. Watch the sparks light up the night sky. 

2. Fun Winter Activites Include Making Homemade Playdough

Invite the kids or grandkids over to make homemade playdough. This craft idea involves just a few ingredients to mix together. Add a few drops of food coloring to each batch of playdough to have different color options for the kids to enjoy. 

Homemade playdough will be a lot of fun to play with, especially if you add glitter to the dough mixture. Crafting will be easy to do once you look up a recipe to make the playdough from scratch. 

3. Take Pictures In the Winter

Another tip for keeping yourself busy in the cold winter months is to document the beauty of your surroundings in the winter.

Wait for a snowy day and take your phone outside with you to capture amazing views of the sky. Be sure to keep these photos to print out and frame.

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Place the gorgeous images around your house as small reminders of the winter season and the memories attached to that time of year. 

4. Check Out Groupon

If you live in a big city, you can score major deals with online places like Groupon and LivingSocial.

These websites are available for you to visit and see if any group deals appeal to you and your family.

Groupon and LivingSocial post new deals every day which means you have a good chance of discovering a cool restaurant to activity in your area for way cheaper in the winter season. 

5. Take Off on a Scooter Adventure

One other option to enjoy the wintertime is by riding an Electric Scooter.

Instead of waiting for your car to warm up, why not head out on the town for the day by using your electric scooter? These modes of transportation continue to gain more interest by city dwellers in 2019.

You can easily gas up your scooter, or charge it up if it has a battery-powered engine, and set your sights on spending a few hours in another neck of the woods. 

Want More Winter Activity Inspiration?

Fun winter activities do exist! These are five ideas you might not have thought of trying before. 

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