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5 Top Vacation Rental Websites for Your Next Trip

It’s no surprise that planning a vacation your family will love depends on where you end up staying. As a traveler, you want to make sure that the place you’re booking turns into one of the fondest vacation memories. 

You also want to make sure your money was well spent by finding sweet deals close to your dream location. 

To help you navigate your options, we’ve put together five vacation rental websites that offer useful information, plenty of listings, and fair prices without too many hidden fees.  

1. HomeAway 

This industry giant is considered one of the best rental sites because of its user-friendly design and its wide inventory. When you’re looking for a rental, the site loads a map view and detailed listings, including square footage, number of quests user ratings, nightly rates, etc. You can filter the results by property type, features/amenities, and booking availability. 

2. Tripadvisor 

Tripadvisor offers numerous listings and lets you change the order of your results based on specific criteria, including traveler rating and the number of bedrooms. The sites allow you to make payments online, while others require direct arrangements. The listings on the site are consistently informative and include traveler reviews, house rules, and owner profiles. 


This site offers every type of accommodation imaginable. If you’re the type of traveler open to a variety of lodging options, lists from bed and breakfasts to volunteer cabin rentals. Since the website offers thousands of options, its best to take time filtering search results to get a more specific list to work around. 

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4. Airbnb  

There’s a reason why Airbnb is considered one of the top vacation rental websites out there. Airbnb stands independently as a 38 billion dollar business. It’s listing attract people looking for affordability and adventurous experiences. This site provides a unique platform for all types of lodging options. Think condos, castles, houseboats, and even tree houses. Its strength doesn’t rely on high-end locations all the time, but it does offer a unique experience to the everyday traveler. 

5. Vrbo 

Vrbo has over 2 million listings of places to stay in more than 190 countries. And its new feature, New Trip Board” makes it easier to find vacation rental information and assist friends and family plan the trip. Like Airbnb, Vrbo is a top leading platform for finding alternative lodging. While both are services that connect homeowners with customers, Vrbo lists larger spaces, instead of single rooms. This means that users rest assured that the space they find will ultimately be theirs. 

Decisions, Decisions 

Taking a vacation, choosing a destination, and booking space are no easy tasks. Luckily we’ve taken the time to go over the best vacation rental sites, so you don’t have to extend your research. 

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