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9 Tips for Making a Long Distance Relationship Work

Do you have to live abroad and away from your loved one? Did the current pandemic force you and your partner to stay apart for a while? 

Yes, distance can add strain to any couple but making a long distance relationship work isn’t impossible. There are a few crucial steps to follow and reminders to keep in mind if you want to keep the bond strong and the fire burning. 

Do you want to learn how to make a long distance relationship last? If so, read these thoughtful tips:

1. Leave Some Space

Communication is a key element in making a long distance relationship work. However, it’s not about communication 24/7. In this case, less is sometimes more. 

Remember: it’s not about how frequently you communicate with your partner. Focus on quality communication, not quantity.

Leaving some space guarantees you don’t suffocate each other or make each other feel obligated to always reply or stay in touch. It also ensures you don’t feel guilty about doing things without your partner. 

2. Find a Rhythm That Works

Know each other’s schedules and try to find a rhythm that works for you both. If one person has a more flexible routine, they should be the ones to make a few adjustments for the other. It’s difficult but with some workarounds, you can get used to it.

If possible, sprinkle the time between scheduled activities with random messages, photos, or posts on social media. This can keep the excitement going without suffocating each other.

3. Take Advantage of Small Talk

You don’t have to talk about serious things all the time. It’s okay to not be affectionate 24/7. Make a relationship work by taking advantage of the small talk.

Conversations are going to become the foundation of your long distance relationship. You’ll spend more time talking than you would in person. Take this opportunity to learn more about each other. 

When together in person, it’s unlikely you’ll converse while jogging, watching a movie, or dining. Apart, however, you can focus on the small talk while doing these activities. Use those talks as a means of strengthening your bond.

4. Avoid Risky Situations

Is your partner comfortable with you going to a bar or club? Do they know the person you invite to your home? 

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If you have to hide something, it means you know it’s wrong. It’s risky. It’s an activity your partner won’t like and it could cause trouble if they find out about it. 

Avoid such risky situations. If you trust yourself to not flirt around, make sure your partner knows about it. Talk it out first but always prepare to cancel plans if your partner isn’t comfortable with your plans. 

Yes, you need some free time but if it’s an activity that could compromise the relationship, simply don’t do it.

5. Still Do Things Together

Even though you’re apart, you can still do things together.

Technology allows us to play video games together, listen to music simultaneously on Spotify, or watch movies together on Netflix. Take advantage of these platforms and engage with your significant other despite the distance!

You can also get on a messaging app, video call each other, and do something together! It can go from something as simple as securing a visa for the other with Visa Tutor to having sexual fun on cam. Doing this lets you feel like you’re still getting things done as a couple.

6. Build Goals With Reasonable Deadlines

Working towards goals is a healthy habit. You get some sense of direction, a motive for your actions, and a reason to plan out your activities. Now take all those benefits and actions and apply them to your relationship. 

Goals can be as simple as making sure you video call each other once per week to saving up money for a vacation together.

Of course, set reasonable deadlines. 

For example, let’s say your goal is for you two to get back together physically for the holidays. To achieve that goal, set a deadline for the requirements like the money for travel, leave from work, and reservations for the hotel. 

7. Find Time to Get Naughty

Yes, even though you are apart, you can still spice things up and get the heat going! 

As mentioned, you should build up some excitement with sporadic messages and through playful teases. Sending him or her a naughty photo every once in a while to get sparks flying. 

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Of course, you could also get a few long distance relationship sex toys to make things even more intimate. There are vibrators, for example, that your partner can turn on using a phone app. This allows you and your partner to play even when apart!

8. Snail Mail Physical Gifts

Not everything has to take advantage of technology. You can send gifts via snail mail or by ordering online to give your loved one an object they can hold. It gives the item some sentimental value. 

It doesn’t even have to be an elaborate gift. You can, for example, buy your partner flowers online and have them delivered to their doorsteps. You can send them something you made, even something as simple as handwritten letters, or clothes for them to remember you by. 

They may not be able to hold you right now but they can keep these gifts close by. These are great reminders of your physical presence.

9. Enjoy Some Alone Time

As mentioned, don’t try to suffocate each other with constant communication. With the time you have for yourself, use it to relax and enjoy who you are. Watch a movie, binge-watch a show, play games, hang out with friends, or simply lie down and nap. 

Allowing yourself to have some alone time is healthy. It encourages self-growth and self-respect. At the same time, you’ll miss your partner, which makes the moments of communication even more impactful. 

Start Making a Long Distance Relationship Work!

Making a long distance relationship work differs from couple to couple but these 9 tips should get you on the right track. It can seem difficult but follow these steps to keep your relationship strong and growing despite the distance between you!

Maintaining a long distance relationship is only the beginning, however. If you want to read more relationship and travel guides like this one, we encourage you to read our other articles today. Don’t hesitate to learn more, today!