Pansexual People

Thinking Outside the Box: What is Pansexuality?

Gender identity is more fluid now than ever before. People can alter their pronouns to include terms like ‘they’ or ‘us’ if it suits their personal truth.

These new identities bring with them a fluid idea of gender and sexuality. Instead of being gay, lesbian, or bisexual, there’s a new type of sexuality called pansexual. 

What is pansexuality? Take a look at this overview of what it means to be a pansexual person.

What is Pansexuality?

A person who is pansexual is attracted to all people. It doesn’t matter how the person identifies themselves in terms of gender or sex.

Pan comes from the Greek word for everything. You describe a person with this sexual identity as pansexual.

Pansexuality itself is a noun since it defines a way of life that can be shown with a pansexual pride flag

Is Pansexuality the Same as Bisexuality?

Bisexuality is very different from pansexuality, but mostly because of the context of the words. Pansexuality is a modern, inclusive term that explains sexuality between nonbinary people.

Bisexual people are attracted to men and women. When the term bisexual was first introduced, it was very common for people to describe themselves as either male or female.

Since many people now approach sexuality as a fluid spectrum, the term pansexual is more appropriate. Pansexual people don’t consider gender at all in their attraction.

Being bisexual means you factor in the gender of a person in your attraction to them. It’s a subtle but largely personal preference that only a person can define for themselves. 

Becoming Gender Blind

Many pansexual people arrive at that identity by being almost gender blind. To them, a person’s attractiveness and value stem from who they are not how they identify.

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This means a pansexual person might be trans amorous or attracted to a person whose sexuality doesn’t favor them. For example, a woman might be attracted to a gay man even though his sexuality doesn’t include her as a viable partner.

Pansexual people are about finding a deeper connection to their sexuality by exploring intimacy between people of all identities. 

Common Misconceptions About Pansexuality

Some people misread what it means to be attracted to everyone as a pansexual. Pansexuals are not attracted to children, objects, or animals as potential partners.

It’s offensive to make these claims because it assumes you can’t have a healthy adult relationship as a pansexual. Another misconception is that by being involved in a heterosexual committed relationship, even after being married, that a person is no longer pansexual.

Pansexuality isn’t defined by your partner. It’s defined by how you view yourself. Only you can change or redefine your relationship with pansexuality.

A Pansexuality Guide

What is pansexuality? It is a form of sexuality that does not know limits based on gender.

It’s a non-binary form of attraction to people based on a variety of factors, but mainly an unspoken connection. People span the spectrum of pansexual relationships under this identity.

Instead of following rules, pansexual people aim to follow their personal truth in finding happiness with other people. For more information and lifestyle tips, visit our blog for updates.