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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Couples Therapists

Not all marriages are full of happy moments. In fact, most couples find themselves struggling at one point or another. It’s perfectly okay for things to not be perfect.

Marriages are made up of two people bringing together their struggles. With bills, children, opinions, and family, there are plenty of peoples that can arise.

Every marriage goes through its strife.

Seeing someone together to work on your problems is a step in the right direction. Here are a couple of suggestions when choosing couples therapists.

1. Are Both Parties Comfortable?

When it comes to choosing a therapist, it is imperative that both parties feel like they can be open. If only one side feels comfortable enough to share, progress will not be made.

You and your partner should discuss at length what your comfort level is. Talking to another person about your marriage is a big decision.

2. Are Their Methods What You’re Looking For?

Going to couples therapy means that you and your spouse are looking to improve your marriage. Looking for a therapist who is rooting for you both to make it is important. It’s also important that the road to get there is agreed upon.

When looking at different therapists, keep in mind how both partners feel:

  • Does this therapist specialize in talking things out?
  • Do they make couples role-play situations?
  • Can both parties accept how the therapist speaks?

Agreeing with a counselor’s approach is something that needs to be done. If only one partner is working on making things better, you won’t make any progress.

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3. What Is the Therapist’s Background?

One thing to consider is what the counselors in question’s specialties are. Be sure when you’re looking at therapists the person is certified in couple’s therapy.

Seeing a therapist who specializes in treating children wouldn’t do any good for a couple who is having marital issues. When you’re looking to find out about couples and family therapy, you have to do the work.

4. Know What Your End Goal Is

There are many reasons couples seek counseling. Before scheduling your sessions, have an in-depth discussion with your partner.

Are you both looking to get the same thing out of your sessions?

Is this to repair your marriage? Discuss your problems? Or is this to end your marriage peacefully?

Having a goal will help you both to establish what you plan to get from counseling.

5. More Important Than Cost

Do not let the cost of your therapist pigeonhole you into a corner. It is important that you find someone you can both speak with. The price should be a small factor in finding a common ground.

If you delve into seeing someone strictly on price, you may not be as comfortable and open as you need to mend. Comparing therapy costs over quality is where problems begin.

Choosing Couples Therapists Takes Time

Choosing couples therapists can be a taxing time in your life. But remember that the benefits of couples therapy outweigh the drawbacks. Take things slowly, weigh all your options, and find the fit that is best for you and your partner.

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