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7 Helpful Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

The country could become home to a projected population of 98.2 million people ages 65 and up by the year 2060. As the senior population grows, it’s important to have a plan. After all, you want to make sure your loved one finds the best care possible.

Have you started searching for “assisted living near me” yet? Before you do, keep these seven tips in mind.

With these tips, you can plan for a stress-free search. A solid plan can help you find the best senior home around!

Start searching with these easy tips today.

1. Know What They Need

First, it’s important to consider what your loved one needs. The average life expectancy in the United States is 78.7 years. Ensuring your loved one has the care they need could improve their life.

Ask your loved one about their priorities, such as:

  • Meals
  • Activities
  • Housekeeping and laundry
  • Security
  • Supervision
  • Health care management
  • Wellness and exercise programs
  • Social services
  • Medical assistance
  • Transportation

Help them imagine their life in a senior home. Then, search “assisted living near me” and make a list of facilities to review.

2. Ask Around

Ask friends and family members if they can recommend the best assisted living facility in the area. Speaking with people you trust can help you make an informed decision.

Take the time to ask any questions on your mind. Are they happy with the assisted living facility they chose for their own loved ones?

If not, keep searching.

3. Read Reviews

Now that you have a list of assisted living facilities, learn more about each one online.

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Read reviews from other people who are in your shoes. Make note of the positive and negative reviews. You’ll likely find a mixed bunch.

4. Call for Details

As you start narrowing down your options, consider calling the assisted living facilities for:

  • Floor plans
  • A facility map
  • Brochures listing amenities and features
  • Pricing
  • The residents’ rights and rules

Ask any lingering questions that are on your mind. Keep track of your notes. Then, schedule a tour.

5. Take a Tour

A tour will help you learn more about the assisted living facility up close. Keep these questions to ask in mind, too.

While you’re there, speak to employees and residents. Ask what they like about the facility. Give your loved one a chance to speak with the residents, too.

6. Consider Your Budget

To further narrow down your options, make sure to consider your budget.

Which facility can you afford? Keep in mind that prices might increase the longer your loved one stays at the facility.

7. Discuss Their Options

Gather all of your notes and speak with your loved one. Which senior care facility did they like best? Which ones can you cross off the list?

Make sure to review the contract before making your final choice.

Start Your Search: 7 Steps for Finding Assisted Living Near Me

Looking for assisted living near me? Keep these seven tips in mind during your search. With these tips, you can help your loved one find their new home!

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