An Introductory Guide on How to Create a PDF

If you’re sharing documents with companies or co-workers, the standard practice is to use a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. It is estimated that there are over 2.5 trillion PDF files on the web. 

PDF functions independently and does not rely on any specific browser, operating system, or hardware. As long as you have a PDF reader installed on your system, the document will open ensuring you maintain the integrity of the original file. 

PDFs may be a very popular file format, but how do you create a PDF?

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a PDF file from other formats easily. 

What Is a PDF and Why Are They Important?

There is a distinct chance that at some point, you’ll have worked with a PDF file. Whether you were working in an office or opening a bank statement, you’ll have no doubt have come into contact with a PDF. 

The file is standardized as ISO 32000 and was first developed by Adobe back in 1993. 

A PDF file could contain a mixture of contents aside from text and flat graphics. This could include structuring and interactive elements including annotations and form-fields, rich media such as video, and 3D objects. The file format also allows for digital signatures. 

PDF files offer security, reliability, and versatility. They can be viewed in the same fashion on any device. This is why they are favored by banks and loan lenders. 

How to Create a PDF Document 

Creating a PDF is easy. The first step is to check that the software you’re using has a PDF export option. Microsoft Office and other major pieces of software often have this option. These export options will generally allow you to create PDFs that are secure and have the option to add a password. 

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The other way of creating a PDF is through the default print button. Press Ctl+P on your PC. In Windows 10, a printer menu will appear and you can select the “Save as PDF” option. 

This is a virtual printer that allows you to create a PDF file. Select how you’d like to format your document and then hit Save and Windows will ask you where you want to save the file. 

How Can You Edit PDFs?

You may need to know how to create a fillable PDF. These are useful for forms such as job applications. To do this you will need Acrobat. 

Click on the “Tools” tab and chose the “Prepare Form” option. Select a file or scan in a document. Acrobat will then analyze the document and insert fields. You can also add in your own form fields. You then need to save your file as a fillable PDF. 

To learn how to create editable PDF files, visit vb .net pdf

How to Create a PDF Form

Now you know how to create a PDF, you can do so easily either through the software you’re using or through your print options. 

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