TikTok Tips: How the Algorithm Works

In 2020, TikTok was the most downloaded app on app stores out of any other apps. 

If you were thinking about doing some social media marketing on TikTok, you’re definitely not the only one. Thankfully, TikTok incorporates an algorithm for people to find content that is relatable to them!

But how do you get people to notice your videos? Check out these top TikTok tips to beat the TikTok algorithms. 

Have Users Engage With Your Videos

When you do get some followers, make sure that you have users engage with your videos. If the algorithm sees that a lot of people are engaging with your video, it assumes that it’s popular. 

Then it will start sending it out as a suggested video to other users who might like it. 

TikTok also uses something called the video completion rate. This means that if someone finishes watching your video all the way through, that they must like it. If they liked it enough to watch it all the way through, then other people might also enjoy it.

This means that you have to create content that people will actually watch all the way through and hold their attention. If you’re lucky, they may even comment on it!

Use Hashtags

In order to get TikTok followers, you’ll have to use hashtags. 

TikTok has a page that’s called “For You” which is where they’ll suggest all kinds of videos from people that you’re not following. 

If you want to try and get on this page, you should use hashtags like #Foryou, #FYP, or #ForYourPage.  Even if you use those hashtags, that doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically pop up on someone’s page. 

Instead, you should use hashtags that are trending. You only have a limited amount of characters to work with, so make sure that you do your research on what hashtags are popular in your industry. 

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Consider Your Device Settings

You should also take a look at what your account and device settings are. Specifically the language preference, type of device, and the setting of your country. 

The algorithm doesn’t care as much about the device settings. However, it will tailor your videos to people who might have a better experience on one phone. 

Also, if your post is in Spanish, it’ll likely show up in other Spanish speakers ‘ feeds rather than those who speak English.

Use Popular Songs

Have you ever noticed that you’ll hear the same songs used over and over in videos? If you do, make note of it because it’s likely a song that’s trending. 

The algorithm loves boosting videos that are trending, whether it’s a challenge or using a popular song. 

If you want to incorporate that song into one of your future posts, find one of the videos that have the song in it. And then click on the title of the song at the bottom. You can add it to favorites and then use it later!

Choose Clever Captions

You only have a limited number of captions on TikTok, making it different from most of the other social media platforms. 

Your caption should be short, easy to read and relate back to whatever your video is about. If you want to make it interesting, try asking a question in it. You may also want to write a joke, or write a suspenseful clip for what’s in the video. 

The TikTok algorithm also reads what is in your caption, and it’ll log it into a certain category. 

Participate in Challenges

These challenges can all be grouped together when people go looking for other ones. This can be a great time to make your own unique content and incorporate your business into some fun challenge that everyone is doing!

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When you do your challenge video, make sure that you use a hashtag that is specific to that challenge. 

Post Good-Quality Videos

If you don’t post quality videos, people might not end up watching them. When people don’t watch poor quality videos, TikTok isn’t likely to suggest it to other people either. 

You’re competing with all kinds of videos that are good quality, so you need to make sure that you’re using all the technology that you can.

Make sure the lighting is right, the resolution is high, and you can easily hear what people are saying in the video. 

TikTok comes with a built-in editor, so make sure you take advantage of that!

Post When Your Audience is Active

If you want to make sure that people see your videos, post them when people are active. 

If you have a TikTok Pro account, you’ll be able to tell when your followers are on based on the audience analytics. 

From there, you’ll be able to figure out when people are most active, so make sure you schedule your content around that calendar!

Engage With Other TikTokers

Lastly, make sure that you engage with other TikTokers. This includes leaving comments on their pages and engaging with their posts.

You might want to comment on their posts or even share their content! This is also a great way to leave bread crumbs on your page so that more people have a chance to find them. 

Discover More TikTok Tips

These are only a few of the best TikTok tips for social media marketing, but there are many more of them out there!

We know that marketing your business can be stressful, but thankfully we’re here to help you out!

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