Workplace Safety

4 Workplace Safety Tips for Small Businesses

Studies have revealed that around the world, there are over 340 million workplace-related incidents each year. We want to change that, though! We have compiled a list of the top 4 workplace safety tips to ensure proper workplace health and safety for all. 

These tips will keep you and your team safe from illness and injury, so let’s take a look! 

1. Temperature Testing 

A year ago, temperature testing would not have been such a crucial workplace safety measure; however, with COVID-19 still alive and well, testing employees’ temperatures before the workday begins is a safety step no business should go without. There are options to keep the temperature testing non-invasive and routine.

Consider setting up an entry station for workers to sanitize and take their temperature at a kiosk before beginning the workday. If an employee does have a temperature, it is best to send them home to help stop the spread of illness before it starts! 

2. Emergency Preparedness 

Disaster can strike at any moment, so having a team that is well versed in safety procedures will help keep everyone safe in the event of an emergency. If your business is in an area prone to natural disasters (tornados, earthquakes, etc.), ensure that your team is well aware of how to respond to one. 

Make sure that fire exits are clearly marked and that everyone knows how to manage a safe exit in the event of a fire. Practice strategies for managing emergencies with new team members so that the entire staff is aware of what to do in an emergency. In addition to being prepared for emergencies involving nature, you might want to consider some hands-on first-aid training for your staff as well. 

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3. Safety First

Encourage your staff to always put safety first above all else. Keep rules and regulations clearly posted at all times, and encourage employees to report unsafe activity or conditions immediately. Monthly meetings are a great way to keep the team up to date on safety changes, concerns, etc. 

4. Improve the Workspace

Improving the workspace will help workers to avoid injury and illness. Have radon and carbon monoxide detectors installed throughout the building, as well as smoke detectors. Be sure to have clear guidelines on how spills and leaks should be cleaned up and marked for safety. 

Encourage the team always to keep aisleways clear and free from any clutter that could cause accidents. Have weekly housekeeping walkthroughs to look for areas that could use improvement as well. 

The Best Workplace Safety Tips 

These are the top 4 workplace safety tips that you should start implementing in your business today! These tips will help you and your team avoid injury and illness safely and effectively. So, don’t wait! Get your workplace safety training started today!

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