Senior Living Facilities

What Are the Different Types of Senior Living Facilities?

The population of people in the United States over the age of 65 is growing every year.

Making the decision to move out of your home as a senior can be extremely stressful. In some situations, the seniors may not even be able to make that decision for themselves. 

Whether you’re taking care of an aging parent or are growing into your senior years yourself, learning about the types of senior living options available is a good idea. 

Keep reading to find out what you should know.

Independent Living Senior Housing

This type of housing is for seniors that want to live in communities with other seniors. Usually, you’ll find retirement homes, retirement communities, or senior apartments in these housing locations. 

Independent living is exactly what it sounds like – independent. People will live on their own and have the opportunity to be active and social in their senior years. 

Generally, seniors in this type of housing will have the option to cook for themselves, but also can choose to eat in the communal areas. They don’t have to worry about housekeeping or maintenance either (like they would if they lived in a normal home). 

Residential Care Home

These are facilities that will provide personalized care for groups of seniors. They are sometimes called personal care homes or family homes. 

This is a good option for a person that needs more care for their health and well-being. Carers are available to provide specific services that a person wouldn’t be able to get in an independent living housing option. 

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Residential care homes will provide all of the lodging, assistance, meals, and services to residents. 

Assisted Living Senior Housing Options

If you’re a senior that wants to live independently but still needs some extra care and assistance with daily activities, this is a great option. Assisted living facilities are a blend of independent living and residential care homes.

You will find groups of apartments in the community with many different services available. There are different levels of care, so whether you need a lot of assistance or a little assistance, you’ll have what you need here. 

The services will typically include:

  • Available staff 24/7
  • All meals
  • Transportation
  • Housekeeping and chores
  • Bathing and dressing
  • Medication management
  • Social and recreation facilities

You can pick and choose what services you need to be most comfortable in a senior living facility like this one.

Nursing Home

Seniors that need more care will benefit from a nursing home. These are ideal for people that are not able to take care of themselves or keep themselves safe. 

At a nursing home, a doctor will be available to monitor the residents’ care and other medical professionals are always on location.

There are some nursing homes that offer additional medical assistance, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists, or memory care experts. 

Understand the Types of Senior Living

Now that you have a better idea of the different types of senior living facilities, you likely can see which option you or your loved one will fit into best.

There are many options available for people that want to be sure they are taking care of the elderly in their family. Talk with the local facilities near you to figure out what the perfect option will be.

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