Unique and Beautiful Urn Ideas

Unique and Beautiful Urn Ideas for Holding Your Loved One’s Ashes

Cremation is becoming more common than ever, with 80% of Americans opting to be cremated.

With this trend comes a variety of options when it comes to handling a loved one’s ashes after they pass. Some may store their ashes in a vault, while others ask to have them spread in nature.

But urns remain one of the most traditional, and yet most special, ways to keep ashes.

If you’re looking for an urn to memorialize a loved one, read on for some inspiring and beautiful urn ideas.

Age-Specific Urns

There are several types of urns, with some geared towards certain ages. In particular, some urns are designed to hold the ashes of a baby or child.

Urns for children typically have a youthful design, such as being animal shaped or pastel colored. There are even memorial urns in the form of a stuffed animal.

Hobby Urns

If your loved one had a deep passion for a particular hobby, why not display it on their urn?

Hobby urns immortalize your loved one’s favorite pastime, such as fishing or playing baseball. Click here for Memorials.com, where you can find unique hobby urns.

Living Urns

Living urns use ashes to produce new life in the form of a tree or plant. Then, the plant can become a symbol of the life and vitality your loved one offered the world.

Most living urns have a container, similar to other urns, that holds the ashes. Then, a plant, such as a flower or succulent, grows out of the ashes.

Depending on the type of living urn, it may be kept indoors or outdoors.

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Military Urns

If your loved one was a military service member, you may want to convey this on their memorial urn.

There are plenty of ways to show military pride on your urn of choice. Some urns have the American flag, while others display a loved one’s military medallions. There are also urn designs that show the military branch your loved one was in, such as the navy or army.

Painted Urns

Painted urns are one of the most easily customizable ways to memorialize your loved one. Urns can be painted in a variety of ways, depending on your loved one’s personality and preferences.

Painted urns may have an abstract or relatively minimalist design, or they may have a detailed painting of a portrait, object, or scene your loved one enjoyed.

Classic Urns

If you prefer simple urn designs, classic urns may be the way to go.

Classic urns often come in materials like wood, marble, or glass and tend to have understated colors and designs. Though they may not be as personalized as some of the other types of urns available, they always look good and can be the perfect backdrop for photos and other keepsakes.

Urn Ideas to Consider

If you’re choosing an urn for a lost family member or friend, there are several types to consider. From living urns to classic urns, try one of these urn ideas for your loved one’s ashes.

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