Stay Healthy as You Get Older

3 Tips for How To Stay Healthy as You Get Older

Did you know that a poll by the University of Michigan indicated that many folks in their 50s and 60s worry about their health insurance status and costs as they get older? 45% of them worried that they wouldn’t be able to afford health coverage when they retired. 

Unfortunately, health care is becoming more and more expensive as time goes on. But there is something you can do to ensure you don’t go bankrupt in your old age due to healthcare costs. See our tips on how to stay healthy as you get older in the article below. 

1. Include a Strength Training Regimen

You might already be going out for a walk or a run every week, or getting active in some other manner. But you must include a strength training regimen in your weekly activity schedule. This is because as you get older, you start losing muscle at a faster rate, which can reduce your strength rapidly.

Reduced muscle tone can over time make you more prone to falls and injuries and also reduce your mobility and independence over time. Start lifting weights and protect your health.

2. Reduce Your Red Meat Consumption

Too many older folks are suffering from high cholesterol, weight gain, and other related ailments, because they aren’t eating enough green leafy vegetables and are consuming way too much protein in the form of red meat. This doesn’t mean you need to give up steaks and beef dishes completely.

But you do need to start incorporating more plant-based meals in your diet, by doing a Meatless Monday or making one meal every day a meatless affair. 

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3. Get Socializing

Loneliness is a major killer no matter how old you are, but more so as you get to your 60s and beyond. Avoid this by making sure you build your social circles and socialize with them 2 to 3 times a week, if not more.

Do not become lazy about it and start spending all your free time in front of the television watching Netflix. It might be harder to make friends as you get older, but it is still possible. Start by joining a bingo night at your local community center or a walking club in your neighborhood to jumpstart your healthy lifestyle. 

If you don’t want to worry about healthcare costs when you get older, visit this site to have a chat with some knowledgeable health insurance agents.

How to Stay Healthy as You Get Older – Have a Proper Plan

Your health won’t bounce back as you get older, just on its own. You will need to have a proper action plan and execute it with care. 

Now you know how to stay healthy as you get older. Start speaking to others in your circle about this, so they are in the loop as well. 

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