Types of Patriotic Flags

Show Your Pride: The Different Types of Patriotic Flags

Americans like it when their yards look nice. That’s why the average homeowner spends 32 hours per month working on their yard.

If you like yard work, there’s no shame in that. It’s all about taking pride in your home and working to uplift the entire community.

But there’s another way to showcase your pride, that doesn’t take 32 hours per month. By hanging patriotic flags at your home, you can display the things which you are most passionate about. 

Of course, you can just get a United States flag. And you should. But there are other types of patriotic flags you can fly as well.

Keep reading to learn how to choose a patriotic flag to grace the exterior of your home. 

National Patriotic Flags

National flags represent the baseline for patriotism. If you’re happy to live in this country and the freedom and opportunity it offers you, you should be happy to fly an American flag.

The star-spangled banner is your first choice. And if you have to hang only one flag, that should be it.

For others interested in displaying patriotic flags, two is the way to go. Or you might want to rotate your flag selection now and again.

You can also consider a flag from your homeland. If you were born in another nation and moved to the states, flying a flag from your homeland alongside that of the US is a great option.

After all, the very foundation of America is a land of immigrants searching for new, better opportunities and greater freedom. So whether you are from Brazil, Poland, Senegal, or the Philippines, let that flag fly.

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State Flags

If you’re looking to buy a patriotic flag, national isn’t the only option. Your state is also special, and having pride in your specific state is important as well.

It’s most common to hang a flag from the state you currently live in. If you’re living there, you probably like it, right? If not, we live in a country that allows you to move around at will.

Occasionally, if someone has two houses, such as one in Michigan for the summer, and one in Florida for the winter, they might hang their Michigan flag in Florida. 

Military Patriotic Flags and Their Meanings

Military flags are also quite common. But most who don’t have military experience don’t know what they mean.

POW/MIA flags are often seen. This means prisoner of war, missing in action. These started with the Vietnam War, representing all of the soldiers who didn’t return home, but were never found or accounted for.

Today, these flags represent soldiers from any war. Seeing one might mean that the individual lost someone close to them, or are just paying respects to all the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom. 

Other types of military flags include flags for specific branches of the military, such as the Marine Corps or Navy.  

Fly Your Flag Today

Whether you own your home or rent an apartment, most people have the option to hang patriotic flags outside, or at least in their window.

Patriotic flags help to unite us all. There’s no reason not to hang one or two outside your home for all to see.

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