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Start The Day Off Right: How To Create An Awesome Morning Music Playlist

There are 125 million full-time workers in America. That number of Americans in the workforce grows considerably when adding in part-time employees.

What does that mean?

It means that millions of people are having to drag themselves out of bed every morning. If readers of this article are like the majority of the adult world, they know the feeling.

Getting up is one of the hardest parts of the day, especially if one doesn’t consider themselves to be a morning person.

Fortunately, there are ways to make a morning routine easier. For many, the best method is through music!

Having a morning music playlist can help nudge a person out of bed, brighten their day, and can be a lifesaver that helps set the rest of the day up for success. Below are steps to help readers put together the ultimate mix to turn their morning frown upside down!

1) Pick a Music Service

There are many choices when it comes to finding a good music service to create morning playlists with. Spotify and Apple Music are among the most popular.

Alternatively, one could purchase songs directly from the iTunes store or via Amazon and listen to songs from their MP3 player or phone’s audio player.

Many will find that subscription services like Spotify offer helpful tools in locating good morning music playlist songs. This is because subscription services pre-curate playlists which people can use in their entirety or pull segments from.

2) Pick the Right Music

According to various medical studies, music can have a profound effect on emotions. That means music has the power to take the negativity out of a morning and move a person from a lethargic state to an energized one.

In order to do this effectively, a person needs to pick songs for their morning music playlist that takes into consideration more than just what songs they enjoy. People need to ask themselves which songs get them moving.

For example, listeners of classical music may find that F?r Elise by Beethoven doesn’t give them the boost they need to get through their morning despite their enjoying the tune.

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An excellent place to start when searching for music that moves people is workout playlists. If a person doesn’t have a personal workout playlist to reference, they should consider looking up energizing playlists on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music for suggestions.

It’s recommended that people creating morning music playlists select enough songs so that their collective duration spans an entire routine.

3) Program the Morning Music Playlist to Keep Momentum Going

Upon concluding the picking phase of finding energizing morning music, the next step will be to get organized.

Throwing all morning songs selected on shuffle may be enough to get some people going. For many though, they’ll find that the wrong song playing at the wrong time can kill their momentum. It may even end up annoying or frustrating people more than empowering them.

To help combat this, playlist creators should look to curate the order of their playlist.

To begin, preview all of the playlist selected songs. Typically, a person just needs to scan through the song’s beginning, middle, and end to get a good sense of it. Post scanning, take songs that compliment one another and place them back to back within the playlist.

During this process ask the question, “What do I want to wake up to?”

High energy immediately? Medium energy that will build over the first couple of songs?

Understanding one’s mood and how much jarring they need to get out of bed will be helpful in optimizing song order.

Figure out How to Sync The Playlist with An Alarm

This is the trickiest part for most people and there may not be a perfect solution to this. In order to get the most out of a morning playlist, listeners will want to make sure songs start at a scheduled time each morning.

Some music streaming services may offer features that enable this. Still, given that background applications can’t always be trusted to work consistently, people may not want to entrust their work alarm to such features.

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A good workaround is for playlist creators to know what song they want to wake up to and through their phone’s alarm app, set that song to play when their alarm goes off.

Once the song finishes playing, people can then manually start their morning music playlist via whatever application their playlist lives on.

Syncing songs with an alarm application will likely require that the song is downloaded directly onto the phone/alarm. That means this won’t work if one solely has access to music via a streaming service.

Bottom line, depending on how music is sourced, it can be difficult to get a playlist to reliably play like an alarm. For assistance, research syncing methods via Google using search terms particular to your music source.

Consider Other People

Starting the morning with enjoyable music can be a massive upper that can improve a morning and the rest of the day. Not everyone enjoys the same music though.

To reduce the potential for conflict, if sharing a sleeping space with another person, music listeners should clear their morning music plans with their partner.

Remember, what energizes one person may be a drain on the mood of another.

Summarizing Starting the Day with a Morning Music Playlist

Music can have a significant effect on people’s mood. This can be particularly helpful when battling an upsetting, lethargic morning.

In order to create the perfect morning music playlist, people should look for songs that energize them. Once selected, they should put songs in a desirable order, figure out how to sync music with their alarm, and be sure to clear their wake up song with people residing in the same space.

Following the above steps can turn a typical dreadful morning into something to look forward to!

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