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A Definitive Guide on How to Choose the Best Solar Energy Company

There are countless reasons to transition to solar energy in your home. For one, the planet is running out of natural resources. Recent data suggests that we only have 70 years of coal, 40 years of gas, and 30 years of oil.

After these resources are depleted, everyone will be forced to find an alternative solution. In the meantime, the cost of energy created by burning these fuels will rise. 

By finding the best solar energy company now, you can save money on energy costs, protect the planet, and be part of the solution. The only question is, how do you find the right solar energy installers?

Keep reading for everything you need to know.

1. Read Online Reviews From Other Homeowners

To find the best solar energy company, find unbiased opinions from other people who have used their services. Use Google to search for local solar installers. Then, follow the link to each of their sites and social media pages. 

You’re looking for customer reviews and testimonials. What do the solar companies’ customers have to say about their services? Would they recommend the solar installers to other homeowners and business owners?

2. Ask About Licensing and Insurance

Electricity is dangerous. Electrical work (solar or grid) should be left to the professionals.

Just as importantly, the professionals you hire must be fully qualified to work on your house’s electrical system. The best solar energy company will be licensed and certified in electrical work. 

They should also carry professional liability insurance. If your home or property is damaged during the solar installation process, this policy will cover the damages. 

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3. Ask About Financing

Learning how to choose a solar energy company might mean finding one that works with your budget. For example, most homeowners don’t have the cash on hand to pay for an entire solar setup. 

In this case, picking a solar energy company that offers in-house financing plans is imperative. Some companies will even give you 12 to 18 months free. 

4. Ask for a Free Quote

Before choosing a solar company to install your system, get a free quote from the major local competitors. Find out how much each company charges to install a basic system. However, remember that the best solar energy company might not be the cheapest.

You should also find out what other services come with the quoted price. For example, how do they handle maintenance, repairs, and updates? Never sacrifice quality services for a lower cost.

5. Find a Helpful Company

Going solar isn’t as simple as throwing up some solar panels and hoping for the best. There’s a lot of math involved in calculating the solar needs of your household. As such, the best solar energy company will work with you to determine your needs. 

They’ll also explain the installation process, troubleshooting, and more. They will be kind, patient, and willing to answer any questions you have. 

Some solar companies even offer a zero commitment savings report. They’ll show you how much money you can save based on the solar setup you’re interested in. 

Looking for the Best Solar Energy Company?

Have you been thinking about installing solar panels in your home? If so, take your time to find the best solar energy company for your needs. Follow the tips listed above to guide you in the decision-making process. 

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