Travel on a Private Jet

Why You Should Travel on a Private Jet

Commercial flying is stressful and sometimes brings on feelings of anxiety. However, flying via private jet gives you a hassle free travel experience.

If you’re tired of the long lines and crowded planes, private jet travel may be your answer! So if you enjoy privacy, saving time, and luxury, then keep reading!

Hassle Free Travel Experience

Private jet travel was once only for politicians, celebrities, and millionaires. But now, more than ever, the need for private and safe flying is rising.

Many people think they must own a private jet to fly privately, but that’s not the case. Places like republic airport offer private flying for everyone! 

Private vs Commercial Flying

You might be wondering what’s the difference between flying with a commercial airline versus a private jet. Well, your travel experience is way better with private jets! 

For example, flying with commercial airlines means waiting in long lines, dealing with delayed or canceled flights, and having to sit next to annoying strangers.

However, with a private jet, you can skip the line and go straight to boarding! The privacy also allows you to get work done or relax before you land. 

Not to mention, private jets are faster than commercial planes. On average, they can reach about 700 miles per hour. While commercial planes can only reach 500 miles per hour! 

Travel Experience With Jets

Your travel experience with private jets lets you be in control of the departure times and dates. While in the air, the crew will ensure your safety and comfort. 

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You can enjoy numerous amounts of amenities like food, wifi, and drinks. Not to mention, private jets are built for comfort. Unlike commercial planes, private jets are designed to give you space and even allow you to sleep.

Safety of Private Jets 

Private jets are better equipped for flying through bad weather because of their ability to fly at a higher altitude and faster speed range. Private jets are also smoother than regular commercial planes. 

Before take-off, the crew also goes through numerous inspections to ensure quality and safety. In fact, these inspections are more rigorous than commercial flying. 

How Far Can Jets Fly?

Most private jets can carry up to 20 people, depending on the size of the jet. Private jets can also fly for up 1500 miles. So if you’re planning on going on vacation, a private jet can make the experience even better!

However, private jets aren’t just for people to go on vacation. They can also take you to important meetings for work! Because of the jet’s space and towing capacity, you can bring your work crew and split the price evenly! 

The Best Flying Experience of Your Life

Flying doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Now that you know how to have a hassle free travel experience, you can book a flight and unwind!

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