Safety Tips for Solo Traveling

3 Important Safety Tips for Solo Traveling

Solo travelers make up around 11% of the entire travel market. So, even if you always see couples and families while you are solo traveling, those like-minded people are with you somewhere!

Traveling alone allows you to do and see exactly what you want at your own pace. It teaches you self-reliance and other important life skills.

But figuring out how to travel alone can be daunting and scary when you don’t have a travel partner because you have no one to watch out for you.

No sweat! These tips for solo traveling will help you stay safe on the road and give you (and your loved ones) some peace of mind.

1. Copy Your Travel Documents and Itinerary

When you are solo traveling, you are the only person who knows your travel plans, your accommodation, and the places you’re going. If something awful were to happen, no one would know where you are.

Wholistic Wanders thinks that one of the best tips for traveling alone is to share your itinerary with a friend or family member. Put your travel plans into a Google Doc and share the link with them so they always know where you are.

Give them access to a copy of your passport and travel insurance information too.

2. Secure Your Money and Belongings

Ensuring your belongings are safe on the road is a great travel tip whether you are solo traveling or not. But if you’re traveling with a partner and one of you loses your wallet, you can use the other person’s credit cards until you get replacements.

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Not an option when you’re traveling solo!

Invest in TSA locks for every zip on your backpack and luggage. Osprey and Pacsafe make great, safe backpacks for travelers. Buy a cable lock so you can attach your backpack to a secure structure when sleeping in hostel dorms as well.

Get a few different bank cards and store them in different places. Put one in your wallet, hide one in your toiletry bag, and put one somewhere else. That way, if you get one bag stolen then you still have the others.

3. Never Tell Strangers Personal Details

One of the most important solo traveling tips is to never overshare personal details with strangers. It’s natural to want to make friends overseas, but watch out for very charming strangers who ask too many questions.

Only give them vague answers. For example, if they ask, “where are you staying?” answer “somewhere near here.” If they ask, “where are you going?” then say, “to meet a friend.”

Trust your gut instincts and move to a crowded area if you feel unsafe.

Embark On Your Solo Traveling Adventure the Safe Way

Solo traveling can be a wonderful, eye-opening experience that allows you to learn more about yourself. Not to mention see some amazing places!

And if you follow these safety tips, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun and stay safe at the same time.

Preparing for a big solo trip and need some more travel hacks and inspiration for destinations? Browse our “travel” category for all the information you need!

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