Ideas for Mobile Apps

How to Come Up with Ideas for Mobile Apps

The mobile application industry has never been more popular. Need proof? There were 218 billion mobile app downloads in 2020!

If you’re trying to supply that demand with a brand new app of your own, then the first step to success is coming up with a winning idea. Want some help with this all-important task? You’re in the right place.

Here are some proven tips and strategies for generating ideas for mobile apps.

Identify a Problem

Whether we’re talking about businesses or mobile apps, a key part of idea generation is finding problems that consumers need to solve. Every problem you identify is a potential avenue to explore! After all, now you know the issue, you can build an app that provides a solution.

Be warned, though: there’s almost always an app or two (…or ten) that already exist and address the same problem. Don’t be put off! All you have to do is find a different way to solve it with the app you’re going to create.

Check the Competition

We recommend doing some thorough competitor research too. Check the charts in the app store. Which ones are the top apps in each category right now?

Finding the answer to that question will reveal numerous things:

First, you’ll see which types of apps perform best in the different niches. In turn, that should shed light on the problems people have, how they like being entertained, and/or what features they enjoy using. And, of course, it’ll also tell you where the money-making opportunities are, as well as revealing any gaps in the market, and what you can do to stand out!

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Step Outside

Isaac Newton formulated his law of universal gravitation by sitting under an apple tree and watching the fruit fall to the ground. Archimedes realized the Archimedes Principle when he got into a bath and watched the water rise. The point?

Sometimes you get the best ideas in unusual places and for seemingly benign reasons! Avoid the danger of “trying too hard”; take time off, do something different, and watch the world around you. App ideas may come when you least expect them.

Consult Others

It’s said that two heads are better than one. Channel that concept by looking to others for help with your mobile app idea! Whether you talk to friends, family, colleagues, or strangers at the bar, they could work with you to identify opportunities and come up with a viable solution.

In the same way, you might find it helpful to attend industry events on mobile app development, such as conferences and meet-ups in your city! Chatting with like-minded, creative individuals is sure to get your brain working. You’ll be able to bounce ideas around that could lead you to the one you push forward with.

Create Compelling Ideas for Mobile Apps

The internet’s saturated with mobile apps nowadays. The result? Any app you design must stand out from the crowd if it’s going to succeed.

With any luck, the insights in this article will help you generate ideas for mobile apps that do exactly that! Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to coming up with a winning concept. Read more articles like this one by browsing through the rest of our blog today.

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